From lead generation to appointment setting, Belkins has the best software and experts for advancing your B2B sales strategy. Do you want to build a predictable and consistent pipeline? Speak with a seasoned sales specialist to get started.
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In-depth lead generation to deliver the most accurate sales leads. High email deliverability to support powerful outbound marketing campaigns. Strategic steps to book appointments, reduce no-shows, and close more deals generated online.
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There is no place for a cookie cutter approach in the world of effective prospecting. We custom-tailor strategies, glean exclusive B2B data, and craft bespoke email templates for your cold outreach campaigns to enrich your sales funnel with hot leads.
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  • Nurture sales leads
  • Get results
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B2B Appointment Setting Agency Recognized and Certified

The best B2B leads, hand-picked and delivered

Belkins will research and validate prospects’ data and generate B2B appointments, at a fraction of the cost for an in-house team. Our account managers, sales development reps, and copywriters will deliver research, messaging, prospecting, and sales tactics so you can go straight to finalizing deals.
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  1. Appointment Setting

    We’re the B2B acquisition partner dedicated to booking online and offline appointments.
    Your dedicated sales development representative engages with your prospects on your behalf with their only goal being to fill up your calendar with qualified appointments. Whether it be a phone call, an online demo, or an in-person meeting, you are sure to receive high-quality appointment setting services from Belkins SDRs. We help connect you with your ideal prospects.
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  2. Lead Research

    Get leads that can’t be found in ready-made lists.

    Are you struggling to establish yourself as a Linkedin influencer and to generate interest?
  4. Inbound Appointment Setting

    Belkins can handle your inbound inquiries and convert them into qualified opportunities.

Assemble the best team to work on your behalf

  • Alex Sribnyi
    Need to accelerate your sales with tailored strategies and spotless execution? Say no more.
    Alex Sribnyi
    Managing Director
  • Marina Radoveliuk
    Building long-lasting business relationships that keep on giving.
    Marina Radoveliuk
    Account Manager Team Lead
  • Richard Crjijevschii
    No successful business can go without a professional sales manager heading the team.
    Richard Crjijevschii
    Sales Lead
  • Yuriy Boyko
    Giving your business culture the spotlight it deserves, supplying you with clients your business needs!
    Yuriy Boyko
    Head Of Account Management
  • Kirill Potapkin
    Carrying your message across, one template at a time.
    Kirill Potapkin
    Head of Template Writing
  • Alla Ivanova
    I know what makes your B2B sales tick.
    Alla Ivanova
    Head Of Sales Development Representatives
  • Alena Popova
    I prefer my lead data like my coffee: fresh, hand-brewed and invigorating.
    Alena Popova
    Head of Research
  • Valeriia Rusakova
    Visuals, aesthetics and brand image - you can leave it all to me!
    Valeriia Rusakova
    Creative Director
  • Elena Zagrobskaya
    Want your brand name to stay on your clients' minds and top search results? Roger that!
    Elena Zagrobskaya
    SEO Specialist
  • Natalie Maximents
    Content is the king and your sales campaigns deserve the royal treatment.
    Natalie Maximents
    Head of Belkins & Folderly Content

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are leads in business?
    In a broader term, a lead is an entity that identifies your buyers. Simply put, it is a business or an individual who has the potential to become a customer.
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