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Send in Whatsapp is our go-to tool when it comes to mailbox administration, and now we’re going to explain why.

According to research conducted by Litmus Email Analytics, Gmail holds 29% of the global email market, getting ahead of Outlook and Thunderbird. No wonder that amplifying our performance in Gmail to its full capacity has always been our priority. 

After looking through many tools for enriching inbox experience, we realized that we need something more than a one-size-fits-all platform, so we went for a more exclusive option — and found it.

About Streak is a service that is compatible with Google Chrome only. Its purpose is to provide you with the assets to maximize the efficiency of your work in Gmail.

Basically, Streak is a CRM for your Gmail. It enables monitoring leads, correspondence management and every other business process that is related to emails.

Streak can be easily downloaded and added as an extension to Google Chrome. The download and access to basic Streak features such as email power tools and private pipelines are free of charge. 

Once installed, Streak extension is available to all Gmail mailboxes you use. No need to download it again or buy one and the same pricing package to add new features to each mailbox. 

Why do we use 

When you work with 5-10 mailboxes, efficient time management is critical. There is so much information to take into account, so many deadlines to meet, so many numbers - and so little time to manage all these processes before the day ends. 

To handle this amount of tasks, spreadsheets are no longer enough. became our trusty tool for:

  • Email management. Streak allows us to track the way business leads move through the sales pipeline by segmenting and labeling each of our emails.
  • Stats tracking. Every month, we get clear and informative data on each of our customized pipelines. It allows us to see the progress for each client, month after month, make timely adjustments and let our outreach efforts work to their full capacity.
  • Metrics tracking. Streak provides over 30 custom metrics to choose from. We use such metrics as email status, comments, the person responsible for outreach, data on the latest emails and the number of attempts to reach the recipient.
  • Open Rate monitoring. The assets of Streak allow us to view how many of your sent emails were opened by the recipients the moment we check our mailbox.

Another undeniable benefit of Steak is that it’s Gmail-exclusive. There are services that are compatible with a wide range of mailboxes, but this compatibility comes at a price. The features of such services are quite generic which makes them bearable to work with, but unsatisfactory when it comes to increasing efficiency or syncing up statistics monitoring with the functionality of the mailbox. 

Streak is tailored to Gmail, which means it provides just enough flexibility to utilize Gmail and integrate it with your outreach workflow. Therefore, you spend less time on toggling back and force between your CRM and your mailbox: you can perform contact tracking, email tracking, pipeline monitoring, and even email template management on the spot while keeping an eye on your mailbox. 

How do we work with Streak? 

Pipeline setup 

1. To create a new pipeline, we press +: 

2. After this, Streak will offer you a list of pipeline templates. While it’s possible to select a custom template, we go for the Sales template:

With that done, we click “Create”. 

Pipeline customization

It’s colorful, it’s detailed and it’s ready for customization. How can we customize it? 

  • Name the pipeline. For your convenience, you can give your pipeline a relevant name. For instance, each our sales pipeline is month-long, hence we name them accordingly:
  • Name the stages of the pipeline. The labels we create are integrated with the pipeline CRMs, which is super-convenient. For our outreach, we use the following labels:
  • Negative: the prospect responded negatively, cannot be converted.
  • Talking: the lead is interested but is far from the stage of appointment setting.
  • Appointment: the call has been scheduled.
  • Automatic reply: includes all types of automated responses such as “Out of the office”, “No longer working at {Company}”, etc. Note that this label doesn’t cover invalid email addresses.
  • Bounce: covers all emails not delivered due to invalid/non-existent email addresses.
  • Forwarded: the recipient forwarded our email to another person and informed us.
  • Not now: the recipient asked us to follow-up later.
  • Not a fit: not a fit for Belkins, e.g. B2C segment only.

NB: We make sure to keep Name, Stage, Notes, and Date of Last Email. These labels should always be present.

Done! The new pipeline looks like this: 

After this, you choose privacy settings. You can share your pipeline if it’s necessary, or keep it private to you only. 

After we create and fine-tune our pipeline, we resume our Gmail routine. From that moment, the pipeline will take care of segmenting emails that we receive and providing us with the necessary metrics. 

Inbox integration

The segment we’re looking for is called Inbox Settings. Here, we select a “stage” label, add it to our emails and disable all other labels: 

After this, your inbox will display your emails and their stages in the pipeline: 

Final thoughts

We recommend Streak to any small-to-medium business that has more than 10 mailboxes in work: 

  • It creates a bridge between your lead generation and business communication, tracks the stages of your sales performance and Open Rate and the entire history of interactions.
  • Open rate monitoring features and basically all private pipeline setup tools are free of charge. Therefore, Streak can do the work of a paid in-house expert for you for free, allowing you to optimize your budget.
  • As your business grows, knowing the progress of your emails adds value to your outreach efforts. Streak provides you with all the insights that prevent your B2B email marketing from staying in one place.

Streak also offers multiple corporate features and API integration options that make it a great choice for large enterprises, so it makes sense to explore its features and check out how they work for you. 

Dmitry Chervonyi

Chief Marketing Officer at Belkins
Since starting his career in sales & marketing 9 years ago, Dmitry never stopped searching for new opportunities that can turn the tables on sales development and the ways that shape B2B relationships. He is always eager to share his findings with the audience.