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How-to Close Sales the Right Way 
​Our first how-to guides elaborated on generating sales leads, writing sales emails, optimizing sales mailboxes, shaping a unique value proposition and introducing it via sales presentations. Therefore, it’s high time you learned more about the process of closing a deal. 
Michael Maximoff
How-to Create a Sales Plan
If you want to hit your revenue targets and prepare for potential missteps, write an annual sales plan. Find more information on the technicalities of sales plan writing and free sales plan templates in Belkins’ Guide, “How to Create a Sales Plan.”
Michael Maximoff
Differences Between Lead Generation and Appointment Setting
Lead generation and appointment setting aim at generating qualified leads and converting them into customers. From this article, you'll learn what leads appointment setting focuses on and what kind of potential customers the lead generation process brings. You'll understand the goals of each marketing approach and see how they differ.
Michael Maximoff