TikTok B2B Lead Generation: Is It Even Possible?

Julia Vlasova
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Can B2B lead generation be as exciting, creative, and evergreen as TikTok videos? Can TikTok ads be a successful lead generation campaign for your brand, or, in other words, will 15-second fun videos for Gen-Zers and Millennials generate leads for your SaaS platform that uses Artificial Intelligence? If you think that TikTok and your leads have nothing in common, maybe it's time to shift the point of view on this social network and explore new audiences. In this article, we'll explain how to create TikTok Lead Generation ads and describe other ways to reach your potential customers through this social media platform:

  • Use paid ads.
  • Collect user data through Instant Forms.
  • Collaborate with micro-influencers.
  • Learn TikTok trends, take part in viral challenges and create yours.
  • Add a link to your landing page in the bio section.
  • Go live. 

What Is the TikTok App?

The TikTok mobile application boasts 3 million downloads and nearly 400 million installations in the first six months of 2021. This great platform was the most downloadable one during the first half of this year, giving way only to game applications. So, the advertising potential of its short and catchy videos is enormous, and many well-known brands already leverage it to generate quality leads. The creative mix of fun videos, modern music, and various filters can make your video content viral and turn each watcher into a sales lead. That's why from the perspective of your marketing strategy, TikTok can become a breakthrough app that will help you effectively find leads — if those people have TikTok accounts.

Who Are TikTok Users?

Around one billion people are on TikTok, and, according to Statista, 75% of this platform's registered users are older than 19. Each user spends around one hour a day watching videos on TikTok, and the audience under 14 years old enjoys the engaging content even 20 minutes longer. 

In October 2021, Android users from Russia and the USA performed more than 2 million downloads each, while Brazilians and Mexicans together downloaded this app more than 2 million times. These countries are followed by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain, Frace, Germany, and the United Kingdom, offering a great pool of potential clients.

The most exciting thing is probably that these numbers keep growing! Moreover, TikTok offers effective ways to tell potential customers about your brand without making them leave the platform. So, almost any industry from gaming to education can boost its B2B lead generation with TikTok — once approached smartly, and it's time to learn how to do it.

How to Use TikTok for Lead Generation? 

We'll cover 6 ways to approach TikTok lead generation and demonstrate that it's possible for any business. However, at first, its dynamic format can be pretty challenging, and the other challenge is to consider the motivation of TikTok users

We usually dive into this social media to escape reality, have fun, relax, and switch to something creative. That's why classic selling techniques don't work here, and you need to revise your marketing approach to this audience. But first, let's find out how TikTok's Lead Generation capabilities differ. Here's what you can do.

  1. Use paid ads

Using a paid ad for lead generation is the first idea that comes to the marketers' minds, but this option isn't as affordable as, for example, Facebook ads.

The average CPC (Cost Per Click) in TikTok is nearly 10 times more, and probably that's the reason why it feels quite ad-free to users.

Well, there are several ways to promote your products and services on TikTok for money. Still, before launching a new campaign, you need to choose the right advertising objective: increasing the number of app installs, growing traffic, or boosting conversions. You'll need to pick up one of them to proceed, and that's how you can attract attention to your brand on TikTok:

  • In app-opening videos and images.
  • On the For You feed.
  • Through Branded Hashtag Challenge.
  • With Branded AR filters.

The first option is the easiest to skip, isn't it? Users become so inattentive to banners and similar ads that they often leave such images or videos unattended — just waiting until the app opens or simply scrolling down. The recommendation page can work much better as people often check new trends and challenges there. And once you define the target audience right, such promotions will work. 

Sponsored hashtags are great for increasing your audience's engagement and improving its interaction with your brand. TikTok also introduced its Hashtag Challenge Plus format that includes an in-platform landing page and shopping possibilities. And, the easier the sponsored challenge, the more users will take part in it. However, TikTok's challenges, even when promoted, have a greater impact than an ordinary ad: they connect users to your brand and motivate collaboration. And even this marketing technique can't compare with AR filters in engaging users.

That's why companies should use augmented reality filters for the expanded ad targeting, as users will be interested in creating impressive backgrounds and appealing effects on branded videos. These innovative visual effects allow attracting engaged viewers and new followers during your B2B sales lead generation companies.

  1. Use Instant Forms

Another feature of TikTok Lead Generation ads is that it allows collecting users' information within one platform. After a user clicks on your TikTok video ad, they are redirected to the form with some basic information about your brand, the profile image (referred to as the Brand Image), and various questions. You can add 10 (or less) Multiple Choice or Short Answer ones and use quick filling-in for essential answers like name, gender, phone number, etc., as the system will upload this information from the users' accounts. Your prospects can even make an appointment right from the Instant Form and TikTok can keep all the personal information for future reference or let you download it to a CRM or other systems.

TikTok offers two types of Instant Forms: More Volume and Higher Intent ones. TikTok lead number and cost per lead can change, depending on these forms. The first type is offered by default, and it helps you collect data quickly or pre-register attendees for an event. The Higher Intent form includes custom questions and allows users to check the information before hitting the submit button. And after submission, your leads can see a CTA button and visit your website. 

  1. Partner with micro-influencers

Influencer marketing can help your TikTok lead generation campaigns, and if your business is small or medium, micro (or nano) influencers are your best promoters. That's because TikTok accounts with up to 100,000 followers can help you reach more accurate audience personas and promote a particular product to a more targeted audience. But to communicate with your prospects and impact their buying decisions, you'll need the main ingredient — relevant content, which means creating awesome videos. If users watch your videos several times from the beginning till the end, TikTok recommendation algorithms can take it to your potential follower's or customers' #ForYou feed. That's how TikTok can empower businesses.

It's essential to set your goals before reaching out to influencers and then define the principles of your campaign and try to estimate the risks together. It would also be great to contact previous clients and ask them for feedback. And, stay flexible during your cooperation since TikTok influencers are creative and know their audience better. Another critical thing to consider is the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) compliance that protects consumers and prevents businesses from anti-competitive practices. 

But a simple combination of relevant keywords on the Discover page and an impressive number of followers won't lead you to the right users of TikTok for lead generation.

You can find your ideal influencer when you create accurate audience personas.

What your new business lead likes to watch and how he or she prefers to interact are the key answers to who can influence these people, so choose influencers carefully.  

  1. Contribute to relevant organic challenges and launch yours

We've already told you about commercial challenges run by brands, but why not try organic ones to attract leads on TikTok? Businesses actively use memes in their marketing efforts on social media because fun images and texts work perfectly. But TikTok has a couple of other fantastic pieces to add to this puzzle: movements and sounds, and probably, music is the main component of its success. Sound snippets from top movies, hits, and viral sounds uploaded by other TikTokers and YouTubers are keys to engaging users. And, most often, challenges launched by influencers and brands are popular among a younger audience. That's why platform TikTok should be prioritized over traditional marketing channels if your buyers belong to Generation Z

It isn't crucial to create a new challenge to generate leads on TikTok as you can join existing trends and fit their format to your advertising objective. But challenges become outdated as quickly as they become viral, so you'll have to check new ones, identify the best of them, and respond promptly with a creative impact. One of the ways to learn what's up-and-running is to tap each trending sound and see all the videos created with it. You can also use trending videos as an inspiration for your challenges or spot some cool effects and attractive moves. 

  1. Fine-tune your TikTok account

When you get interested in an advertised product, you first check the business account that makes the offer. And for TikTok lead generation, every detail of your corporate profile makes a difference. For instance, you can add a link to your landing page or website right in your bio. However, this option isn't available for personal accounts, but you can change it to the Pro Account in Settings with just a few taps. This switch will allow you to put the URL and an email address. However, directing traffic to your website alone isn't enough for success; the main action happens after the potential customer lands on your web page. 

First, you should optimize the website for mobile devices as shifted text, and improperly scaled images won't leave a chance for your TikTok lead to become a customer. And the next issue is a clear call to action (CTA). Users need to see the value they get after clicking the button, so make sure to state your value proposition to them. Besides, the CTA button needs to be identifiable, so make it visible from the very start. Think over colors, fonts, and even forms of the button, driving an efficient experience to your customers. 

  1. Go live

Going live is a great way to interact with your followers, attract new users, and embrace larger audiences. With the proper content focus moving forward, your brand will come almost naturally. You can go live in various formats: Q&A sessions, sharing some production or behind-the-scenes processes, and many more. Make sure to pick up the catchy image and make the title of your stream informative, engaging, and brief since you have only 32 characters for it. And after starting the broadcast, you can filter comments, add various video effects, or flip the camera to spice up your stream. 

Technically, you can go live on TikTok only when you're at least 16 years old and the number of your followers exceeds 1,000. Like everything on this super dynamic social network, live streams are also swift –– they can't be recorded and published afterward. So, both the host and the viewers can benefit from the stream only as it goes and then only share impressions. 

Creating TikTok Business Account  

All these B2B lead generation approaches can't be implemented without a business account on TikTok, so below, you'll find a quick guide on how to set one.

  1. Create a personal TikTok account. The trick is that you can only register an ordinary (personal) account on this platform and then switch it to a business one. So first, download the app for your iOS or Android device, and pass through the usual registration process. 
  2. Switch to Pro Account through the "Manage my account" menu and choose the category for your business. The right choice will help you get relevant and personalized content and offers. If it's your first experience on TikTok, it makes sense to move to step two after checking its main features. So, allow yourself a couple of weeks to enjoy it before starting your lead generation.
  3. Create a video. This can be either a 15-second or one-minute record, which you can enrich with various video effects and fantastic music from the app's sound library or exciting sound effects. Now think over its description, related hashtags, or create fully customizable messages for various segments of your audience. 
  4. Post your video. Finally, you are about to make your first post and start generating leads on TikTok Tag relevant accounts, add links, and share your video with other users and your followers on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Or, it's possible to save it as a draft to publish it later. 

Wrapping Up

Businesses doubt if TikTok is "serious" enough to promote their products or services on this platform. We treat this social network as a place for teens to have fun and its challenges often make us smile. But isn't it possible to use the incredible (and stable!) popularity of this community to grow your brand awareness and generate leads on TikTok?

Top companies say yes, so why don't you also give it a chance? 

Julia Vlasova

Marketing Lead
Julia has been responsible for more than 10 projects of different industries at Belkins. She is now leading Marketing team at Belkins bringing alive special content and initiatives to bring value for our readers, clients, partners and Belkins team at large.
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