How to Design a New Sales Accelerating Brand Strategy for a Creative Agency?

Marina Radovelyuk
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Marina Radoveliuk joined Belkins when it was only a team of 15 people. Seeing how Belkins has evolved, she is incredibly proud to contribute to the company’s development right from the start. Before, Marina had been in sales and marketing for about 5 years, so she had plenty of experience to bring. However, the unique culture and special core values at Belkins required her to bring something new. “The only secret is absolutely not a secret, but a rule that I would kindly advise everyone to stick to: If you do something, do it professionally.” – shares Marina.

Brief Overview

Marina Radoveliuk, the AM team lead of Belkins, reveals the most heart-warming memories about the Born & Bred 2-year partnership, sharing essential aspects of conducting lead generation with the help of brand awareness.


  • What was the project you were working on? 

I would love to tell you about our mutually beneficial tandem with a Growth Branding agency, Born & Bred (B&B). They offer innovative marketing services for modern breakthrough industries like CBD and Web 3.0 but simultaneously have well-known corporations like Visa and Pfizer in their portfolio.

We’ve been working with Born & Bred for over two years. Now, when sharing this experience, I’m thrilled to realize how much has been done for this project. It evokes a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Indeed, long-time projects present an opportunity to build a strategy that results in a more holistic approach and healthy marketing environment with seamless integration of two different teams. 

  • What was the biggest challenge?

Our collaboration in terms of appointment setting began from the company’s urgent need for a growing number of clients. Since agencies don’t typically use traditional promotion channels to provide B2B sales, it was quite a challenge. Basically, we faced 2 main objectives: research relevant points of contact and tailor unique cold messages for innovative businesses.

  • What solutions helped you to overcome it?

Content improvement

It was important to speak the language of each business sector we targeted. We tailored each message and provided relevant case studies, offering face-to-face meetings in San Francisco, where the headquarters of B&B is.

Advanced research

Our researchers had to find creative ways to really help Born and Bred as they needed to work with niche companies in the Web3 industry: blockchain, token-based economics, decentralized online ecosystem, etc. These companies aren’t typically listed on LinkedIn, and identifying them is tough. The efforts, however, paid off by applying an out-of-the-box approach: We achieved a 96% open rate and a 17% reply rate. 70% of replies were converted into meetings. Find out more in our case study.

We also devised a more sophisticated way of cold outreach, launching a campaign where we reached out to portfolio companies of venture capitalists that previously invested in B&B’s clients. This created lots of buzz for prospects, earning their attention, considering the client works directly with these companies. 

Results of Belkins and Born & Bred cooperation

Brand awareness boost

In addition to the email campaigns, we started to build awareness of the extraordinary work B&B had been conducting, showcasing their success stories in alignment with our target audience. This approach drove both inbound and outbound leads, creating engaging LinkedIn posts with B&B’s case studies and behind-the-scenes stories. 

Brand awareness boost by Belkins

We also rapidly spread news like “Adweek Ranks Born & Bred #1 Fastest-Growing Brand Agency Globally,” which was just the cherry on top of our lead generation campaign – sealing the deal for prospects to finally book a meeting.

Adweek Ranks Born & Bred #1 Fastest-Growing Brand Agency Globally

  • What knowledge helped you in resolving the issue?

I would say it’s not so much about ‘having knowledge but taking action on a highly-planned and coherent strategy. We drew up a clear vision of our end-goal and were able to change our approach according to the circumstances and the client’s requirements. Polishing our targeting strategies and working closely with their team produced a very effective campaign

  • What would you recommend to users facing similar issues?

Never stick to a single beaten-track approach – be ready to pivot strategies at any time. 

  • Is there anything we didn’t ask that you think should be included?

A combination of LinkedIn and cold email activities resulted in a better-than-expected boost in sales for B&B. Which meant they needed to urgently hire new PMs and designers to fulfill new projects. To do that, B&B and Belkins teamed up to build a recruiting and hiring strategy. A month of our partnership was actually spent on building a unique hiring campaign focused on B&B’s specific criteria. They weren’t looking for just hard skills and years of experience, but a portfolio with specific companies and industries. We worked closely with B&B’s Creative Director to accomplish this. Together, we drew up the perfect candidate portfolio and approved job interviews throughout the process. As a result, Belkins assisted B&B in finding a great HR representative and a couple of talented designers as well.

  • What did your typical day working on this project look like?

Belkins and Born & Bred have always been a great fit in terms of their working relationship and approach: Both teams have an eye for detail and utilize creativity to accomplish tasks. Our typical day? An unstoppable stream of ideas backed up by resourcefulness and a passion to achieve!

  • Choose a metaphor to describe the project in one sentence. 

B&B’s motto takes the cake:

If the devil’s in the details, Hail Satan.

Marina Radovelyuk

Account Management Team Lead
Marina Radovelyuk has been an account manager at Belkins for almost 4 years. However, her experience in sales and marketing is up to 5 years. During this time, Marina has helped many international brands to develop their businesses. Marina has very important features - professionalism and diligence, which helped her to become a Team Lead of the Account Management Department at Belkins.
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