How to Identify the Right Target Audience for Your Product?

Olha Yasnohor
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Olha Yasnohor is the Account Manager at Belkins, a top-rated appointment setting agency providing B2B lead generation services. Olha has started her career as an SDR at Belkins, and from that day, she has fallen in love with her vocation. Olha has worked with about 50 projects from 20 different industries over the last 3 years.

Before that, she used to work for a large pipe manufacturing company. Experience with international businesses and complex products allows Olha to master the essence of each project quickly and easily. She believes that the key to the team’s success is a deep knowledge of the product, high-quality technical support for every aspect of the work, and a great love for what you do.

Brief Overview

Belkins’s Account Manager, Olha Yasnohor, is sharing expert tips on identifying the best target audience for a crypto payment gateway and setting appointments with the right people.


1) What was the project you were working on?

Lunu is a one-click omnichannel crypto payment gateway for everyone.
Lunu creates an ecosystem that integrates the use of stablecoins into the real economy — in everyday life, everywhere. Lunu introduces the mobile terminal and revolutionary processing service that allow customers to spend their cryptocurrencies immediately as local currency at the point of sale in retail transactions without expensive exchange commissions.

2) What was the biggest challenge? 

The biggest challenge was to find the best target audience to reach out. It’s essential for any business to know who its most loyal customers are, then use this information to engage with potential clients, but the answer doesn’t necessarily lie on the surface. Our experts assist with identifying the right audience by creating or adjusting the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Our ICP was soooo varied - from travel and luxury goods to gambling and fashion. We just needed to check all of them and see who is engaging. Also, Lunu targets worldwide, and they even implemented their payment gateway for crypto exchange in Madagascar after a long discussion with the government. So you can imagine we went wide! 

Belkins experts managed to get the right clients in front of Lunu. If you also need such help, don’t hesitate to book a call now.

3) What solutions helped you to overcome it?

It was not just testing audience that wanted to use Lunu’s solution to pay in crypto. It was testing of messaing, testing multiple approaches on varies audiences. Our copywriters aimed to create content that describs Lunu’s services with easy to all the people around the world.

4) Explain the technical aspects in detail: how to resolve this kind of problem?

We created a few sets of templates - one with lots of metrics, including the market situation with crypto, and one that was easier without so many details.

Templates with technical details and lots of numbers

Example of templates containing technical information and lots of numbers

Easier templates with a friendly tone

Examples of friendly-sounding templatesWe’ve started our research with a few industries and a few countries and checked their performance. Based on the results, we continued working with the selected industries or expanded further.

5) What knowledge helped you in resolving the issue? 

Knowledge of the product, which industry has a need in cryptocurrency more than others. You just have to act logically. There are a lot of sources that can be investigated during the process — market reports, crypto forums, analytics, etc. Also, you need to be in constant contact with your client — they can help you like no one else.
Last but not least, you need to be at the top of the latest news about your client’s industry and adjust your strategy to the current situation in the market. That can affect the right target and approaches that you might use.

6) Are there any variations or exceptions to the knowledge you’ve mentioned?

Of course. We’re all different, and I’m pretty sure that another expert could start from other industries, and it wouldn't necessarily be a mistake. I’m convinced that there are lots of chances for Lunu to expand more to other industries and targets.

For example, gambling, software, and travel are the best niches for Lunu.
Frame 501

Frame 502

7) What would you recommend to users facing similar issues?

Don’t be afraid to test and make mistakes. That’s ok and that’s the only way to find the best solution.
We tested lots of industries and some of them haven’t worked well. For instance, a car dealership is not the appropriate industry for Lunu. Just compare the metrics below with the previous screenshots.

Frame 500

8) Is there anything we didn’t ask that you think should be included?


9) What did your typical day working on this project look like?

Well, I synced up with the Lunu team once a week on Mondays. We planned our next steps from an industry and location standpoint. We discussed the results and challenges during the working process; they shared their feedback on the appointment setting. After that, during the week, we acted according to our plan and kept up to date on anything new.

10) Choose a metaphor to describe the project in one sentence (e.g., it was like climbing a rock in total darkness).

It was like a bright star since the industry is niche and fresh. And we were able to schedule an appointment with Balmain ;)

All in all, it was a cool project that helped me diversify our solutions and be open to any new ideas from our team.

Olha Yasnohor

Account Manager
Olha has been working as the Account Manager at Belkins for over 3 years. About 50 projects from 20 different industries are in her account. Olha believes that the key to the team’s success is a deep knowledge of the product, high-quality technical support for every aspect of the work, and a great love for what you do.
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