How to Build Trusting Client Relationships With a Marketing Agency and Drive 40 Meetings to Their Pipeline?

Joshua Pratt
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Joshua Pratt has been working in sales for 3 years. This experience taught him different approach patterns, calls to action, and persuasive communication techniques. Josh knows firsthand how to persuade a prospect. Even if they think they are all set, they very well may be wrong. “To become successful, time management must be your best friend,” he says.

To hit all your goals, tasks, timelines, and KPIs, it’s important to find a way to get everything done. And not only should you do it promptly but also deliver high-quality results the first time, saving you resources instead of having to go back and rework. For some time now, Joshua has been able to juggle between 15-20 clients simultaneously while keeping track of each project to ensure that each partner has his 100% at any given time.

Brief Overview

Joshua Pratt, an account manager at Belkins, outlines vital elements of harmonious and profitable cooperation with clients in the example of a digital marketing agency. Spoiler – everything counts, from email deliverability solutions to subtleties of communication. Find out the details below.


  • What was the project you were working on? 

The project I have been working on is an appointment setting for a digital marketing agency. We have been working together for 5 months now and have been able to schedule more than 40 meetings.

  • What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge would be that even during a low season, we needed to devise solutions to schedule as many meetings as possible. Considering our target audience included huge companies with more than 5,000 employees, we could still push through and achieve success even when our open email rate wasn’t always as high as one would hope.

  • What solutions helped you to overcome it?

The team has not stopped thinking of fresh approaches, new calls to action, and changes to the mailbox limits, allowing more emails to go out without running into spam issues.

  • Explain the technical aspects in detail: how to resolve this problem? 

When sending out B2B emails, if the mailbox sends too many messages daily, there is a higher chance of being marked as spam. It can then prevent messages from reaching prospects’ inboxes. There is a way to reach out to more leads from each mailbox that still allows you to send a larger number of emails for a short time without running into spam issues.

  • What knowledge helped you in resolving the issue?

The client has a lot of experience and implementations that helped us work better as a team. Honestly, the knowledge that helped us resolve this issue would be that with this client, our relationships were far beyond the classic “vendor-customer” scheme. We work as if we are an integral extension of their sales department. This mindset helps remove tension from harder working weeks and increases the excitement when everything goes smooth. Such an attitude allows the Belkins team to be as creative as possible to ensure the best results and even outperform.

  • Are there any variations or exceptions to the knowledge you’ve mentioned?

From my experience, another important factor is absolute confidence in your teammates. Sometimes we have prospects that ask for information that we cannot provide without help from our client. Thinking, “I’ll come up with something so that I don’t distract my client,” is highly dangerous.

When working with a niche product/service/platform, it is crucial to be as specific as possible. Trying to pull information from different sources to craft a response for a prospect can be acceptable in some cases. But having the client share their experience and knowledge allows prospects to fully understand the offer’s potential and will get you to a direct “no” or “yes” faster.

Uncertainty is too risky for your lead generation, so you must ensure that you provide prospects with all the necessary information to obtain their agreement (or rejection). So, in the long run, don’t hesitate to ask a client anything and seek better answers. Also, don’t waste time on a prospect that will never end up booking with you.

  • What would you recommend to users facing similar issues?

So here is my advice for harmonious collaboration with clients. The mindset of just being in a business relationship as a customer and service provider is essentially important but also risky. A joint interest, a collaboration, a common goal, and mutual success will lead to better positive results!

Working just to milk out the most money possible in a short period can drive a customer away, decrease the level of communication between you, and result in a lower quality of work produced in the end. Consider that when a client grows, you grow with them. This offers higher success for both parties and inspires a good work ethic, a good relationship with your client, and a better outcome no matter how good or bad the project goes.

  • Is there anything we didn’t ask that you think should be included?

The client has already closed enough deals from our meetings to have paid for all of our services during our collaboration and has 20 times more potential income that could close anytime soon.

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  • What did your typical day working on this project look like?

My typical day with this client looks like this: my team performs lightning-fast, we constantly chat in our internal group, do hard work, and appointments are booked in numbers each week. The team here has consistently shown a fantastic work ethic, initiative, and a desire to be flexible to get our client the best ROI. 

  • Choose a metaphor to describe the project in one sentence. 

Pull out all the stops.

Joshua Pratt

Account Manager
For almost a year Josh Pratt was an Account Manager at Belkins, but his overall experience in sales, marketing, and team management reaches 10+ years. Now, Joshua hosts Belkins Growth Podcast and develops Belkins content strategy as a Content Marketing Specialist.
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