How to Drive 40+ Monthly Appointments for an Acclaimed Media Advertising Platform?

Vladimir Budko
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Vladimir Budko joined Belkins in 2019 as a sales development representative, but he grew to a senior SDR in less than a year. Now, Vladimir is a key account manager with more than 30 successful projects in his portfolio. What's contributed to his success while motivating his team to improve? The desire to level up his skills and bring Belkins to the top! All of these factors contributed to Vladimir’s key achievement – upselling the biggest check in Belkin’s history. Knowing his desire to succeed paired with his perseverance, we can confidently say that this is far from the last of his breakthroughs. 

Brief Overview

Meet Vladimir Budko – a key account manager at Belkins. In this expert article, he shares the details of an incredibly challenging appointment-setting project. Discover how his team managed to acquire 120 business meetings in just 3 months for an eminent media company.


  • What was the project you were working on?

I’m super excited to tell you about Belkins’s partnership with GlassView media company. It is the world’s largest video advertising distribution platform. They offer solutions that place video ads from leading global brands on websites and blogs distributed across all sorts of devices. The GlassView Exchange platform – one of the company’s main products – evolved into the world's most visited media buying private marketplace with 1.6 billion viewers in total. 

How did Belkins meet GlassView, and what was our assignment? They needed more appointments in their pipeline, and when I say “more,” I mean dozens of meetings every month. “Well, that’s a challenge,” I thought, expecting a challenging but potentially rewarding collaboration. 

  • What was the biggest challenge?

It is a rare opportunity to work with a marketing company with more than 80 of the top Fortune 100 Global Brands in their portfolio. While motivating, it is also a serious responsibility. The biggest challenge was proving that our services were worth every penny, aspiring to deliver 120 contracted meetings in 3 months, and managing the team of 4 SDRs and 2 researchers. Each day we had to punch above our weight to succeed and gain our partner’s trust.

The bonus challenge was to outperform Glassview’s internal SDR team of 10 people, who were reaching out to the same ICP as we did. So acquiring 120 meetings in three months was one hell of a task, but we did it and lived up to the partner’s expectations. As for me, it was just a really fun contest, and I love the feeling of a friendly rivalry – it inspires me a lot! And you know what it gave us? We exceeded our quota! This is what we are capable of when given proper motivation. 

  • What solutions helped you to overcome it?

There’s no extraordinary skill, actually. Communication and resource allocation are all you need. Consistent meetings with my team really saved the day. We also used every possible resource to maximize our effectiveness and efficiency. 

Last but not least, we succeeded because of our relationship with the client. My job as a key AM is transforming commercial relations into companionship, building trust, and moving together toward a common goal.

  • Explain the technical aspects in detail. How did you resolve this problem? 

To hit our targets we needed to expand our team. 6 people were working on this project, not to forget, a seasoned team of tech experts who helped us with email deliverability and set up email infrastructure. It requires much more than any regular project. And this decision wasn’t any kind of eureka moment. Before we set off, it took us some time to calculate our capacity and distribute the load evenly between each teammate.

  • What knowledge helped you in resolving the issue?

Previously I worked on multiple similar projects as an SDR. It let me understand the specifics of the client’s industry and ICP and share the ideas with the team. In addition, 4 SDRs brought different perspectives and insights to the project, so without their expertise, I think we would’ve been doomed.

  • What would you recommend to users facing similar issues? 

Don’t be afraid of investing; both in your team and expenditure. In the end, your efforts will pay off. The more meetings you get, the more deals you close. It’s why we always strive to do more than expected.

  • Statistics on the project

500+ meetings over the course of 2,5 years

Marketing campaign

Re-engage campaign

  • What did your typical day working on this project look like?

Checking the appointments scheduled mark. Just kidding! Sure, it took place, but it was backed by consistent communication with my team.

  • Choose a metaphor to describe the project in one sentence

Things may seem impossible until they're done.

Vladimir Budko

Key Account Manager
Vladimir Budko has been working with clients at Belkins for 3 years - started as an SDR and then retrained as an account manager. Today, Vladimir is one of the top account managers in the agency with 30+ successful projects to his credit. Remarkably, but it was Vladimir who made the Belkins company the largest check in its history.
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