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Internet marketing is getting popular by the day. No matter the industry your business belongs to, the chances are that you are willing to win over your potential customers by feeding them well-polished content are impressively high. The amount of effort that sales pros put into lead generation is overwhelming. However, before a new business finds the golden ore of paying clients, a lot of theoretical material is to be consumed. That is where reliable and popular lead generation books come in handy. With that in mind, Belkins will share the list of the best lead generation books that cover the online marketing field completely.

What is lead generation – a brief reminder

B2B lead generation is among the most requested notions in the online world these days. However, not every business coach can explain what stands behind the popular phrase. Due to that, some sales teams treat the matter a bit lighter than they should have if they want to spike both the business awareness and company income.

The primary goal of lead generation is to make prospects interested in what you offer to the point when they make a final call and purchase your service or product. While it sounds pretty simple, given all the existing marketing activities available, in reality, the process is effort-consuming and brings the desired effect only when a proper strategy is put to use.

What makes lead generation critical for the modern business niche?

Those of you who don't know what the main element of a successful lead generation strategy is should be told that it is the content you spread over the web. Online marketing can't bring in positive results if the target audience does not even know you exist. With a great lead generation campaign intact, you can improve your credibility, recognition, visibility, and trust when it comes to the interested circles.

Vital perks of an effective lead generation strategy

One of the main reasons why so many lead generation books remain in the shadow up to this day is due to the fact that not all the sales reps are well familiar with the benefits the strategy is packed with. Quality leads keep the business going. There is no doubt about that. But what about the marketing technology itself?

  • Market expansion

The day you launch the sales process aimed at business growth, you may have a definite target audience and market branch in mind. However, as time passes, more and more people may become interested in what you offer, which begs for market expansion. One can't treat the benefit lightly, but it is utterly easy to miss the triggers indicating target audience growth. Lead generation is one of the key pointers that will indicate the shifts and help you adapt.

  • Follower base boost

Social media marketing is one of the vital parts of lead generation. Personal interaction and fruitful communication with the potential user base will form and tighten the bond between you and the followers. The more interested people become in your services, the sooner they will convert and close the sales funnel.

  • User feedback generation

A trained marketing expert knows that modern customers rely on the experience of previous business clients greatly. A great lead generation campaign will provide you with necessary user feedback that you can post on your website, service platform, or business blog.

  • Revenue growth

Most business leaders care for their income deeply, and there is nothing strange about the urge to drive sales up and gather as much revenue as possible. However, no matter how many sales books you read through, all of them will point you toward the interaction between the seller and the buyer. The better your outreach technique, the more appealing the message is – the greater the user response will be.

So, it is safe to say that the easier it is to capture the user's attention, the faster you will convert them. The revenue spike comes as a natural sequence to the marketing venture.

  • New opportunities generated

It is challenging to assume that a company is the sole warrior in a target market, isn't it? That is why most sales reps try to get ahead of the competition. Yet, at times, the cooperation with a related brand can be advantageous. Well-trained sales professionals would never refuse a joint webinar or a similar event. Such participation would ensure that you can preach to the audience that may be vaguely familiar with your company and the products on offer. The sequence would be more quality leads added to the sales pipeline.

  • Lead quality boost

The sales wisdom dictates that not only the spike in the traffic matters. While you put your sales pros to work on an effective lead generation campaign, you can expect that every piece of marketing content crafted will hit the right spot. Thus, instead of spending your time and effort on leads that may never convert, you will cater to quality leads that have a chance to move to the bottom of your sales funnels.

  • Brand visibility and awareness spike

A new business can use all the online resources available to gain positive visibility and awareness boost. However, some companies stay off the online radar for just a few years and require a broader audience to drive sales up. In either case, lead generation comes of use since effective sales management would suggest a few strategies that cover the target audience's interest and marketing channels in use.

  • Cold calling decrease

The power of outbound sales can't be underrated in no case. However, there is a limited number of sales teams who are head over heels about cold calling. With an effective digital marketing lead generation strategy put to use, leads will come your way instead of you reaching out to them. Such an approach ensures that the sales professionals are all set on the deal closing process rather than the mentioned outbound method.

The list of lead generation perks can't be limited by those mentioned above. However, the chances are that you get the drill. Now, with the thought in mind that B2B lead generation is critical, you may be wondering where to reap all the knowledge and experience on the matter from. So, we will proceed with the best lead generation books any successful business leader needs to browse through.

Best lead generation books to get a hold of in 2022

  1. Larry Billson. Lead Generation: How to Generate Leads and Sales to Grow Your Business Without Spending Tons of Money

    Those of you who are interested in the sales development playbook will surely find Billson's copy more than useful. Mr. Billson was into effective sales management himself. After working for a great list of known companies, he decided to put down all of his industry-related experience so that it could help others find the right path.

    The author gathers all the practical tips on lead generation in one place. But, there is much more to the book than just compelling pieces of advice that you can put to use immediately. The piece is written so that it gives you a true insight into why a good lead generation strategy is crucial. All that is well-coated with real-life examples, which are peculiar and interesting, even for those not involved in the field.

    Lastly, the book would have been incomplete without the major pitfalls being pointed out. Once you decide to master lead generation, you must realize that there are errors to avoid, and the author highlights those skillfully.

  2. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Inbound Marketing: Attract, Engage, and Delight

    The dawn of Internet marketing is upon us, and you should be willing to accept the fact and adapt to it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your sales will eventually drop, and your business may be thrown out of the competition. That is a brief in-between-the-lines message that the authors are trying to send modern sales experts. The book's main aim is to indicate the importance of online visibility of the brand you represent.

    The book shares some valuable insight into the tactics to use online when working on your leads. Among the primary pillars of effective B2B lead generation indicated by the authors is the delightful content. The primary purpose of a well-planned content marketing campaign is to raise awareness, establish a bond with the customers and turn them into paying clients without any outbound sales techniques involved. The book delivers the thought that the whole field of outbound marketing is becoming ineffective. While that is a controversial statement, the content-related data gathered by the authors is worth exploring.

  3. Andrew Ledford. Change and Transition: Through Skill Acquisition for Sales, Lead Generation, and Marketing

    This one may be the most unusual among all the lead generation books. The fact is that while the copy is centered on the lead generation and marketing field in general, the author shares his real-life examples of dog training techniques to support his theories and strategies.

    It is hard to deny that the book delivers a whole new perspective on the industry of lead generation. Yet, after you submerge into the stream of Ledford's consciousness, you will spot the bridge between the two spheres. The main topic that the author wants to highlight is the change in user behavior once a person enters the sales cycle. Based on those predictable changes, you can tune in and adopt your lead generation strategy to reap the most benefits of the campaign.

    According to the experts' reviews, Andrew Ledford's book can be used as a great lead generation guide for beginners. However, even those of you who have been in the field for quite some time can find some exciting points stressed by the author based on his previous experience in the dog training sector.

  4. Ann Handley. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

    One of the critical triggers of effective sales development is the content you use to attract users' attention. Among the practical tips that Ann Handley shares in her book on how to generate leads is to use well-written content to communicate with the user base.

    More and more world-known companies use content marketing to deliver their messages, yet not all the campaigns bring in the success that the sales team has hoped for. All due to the fact that a well-composed story is worth little if it doesn't have essential messages encoded into it. The brand vibe merged with the content in use isn't that easy to master, and the author indicates the issue more than once in her book. What is more, she shares some practical advice on succeeding with the goal.

    Ann Handley suggests that effective writing is a type of currency that a sales representative should be willing to pay to improve the conversion and sales as a sequence. Poor writing can serve you a lousy favor and make potential customers look the other way instead of cooperating with you. The book is a must-read if you think about implementing some content marketing into the campaign.

  5. Gail. B. Goodman. Modern Appointment Setting Prospecting and Phoning for Financial Professionals

    When you decide to look for lead generation books, it helps to keep in mind that only those related to the current market situation are relevant. There is no use in spending time researching trends that are long gone. That is the primary point that Mr. Goodman stresses in his work. The author is well-familiar with the sales process being an established marketer he is. Thus, the writer chooses to shine some light on the common challenges that modern sales teams will face when it comes to effective lead generation. Aside from pointing the trending obstacles out, the author shares a few insights on how to effectively overcome those.

    The process of sales prospecting, since more and more people get annoyed with cold calling and rarely answer those. The aim that Goodman pursues is to teach prospective marketers how to make people answer the calls and participate in the campaign. The practical tips and tricks he shares are known to help vendors attack more leads, and that means that his theories work.

    It is safe to state that the book is all about communication rules that help the salespeople hold the customer's interest long enough to convert them. The author's neat tricks will come in handy in most marketing industries that your business may be related to.

  6. Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick. The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

    Getting some pieces of advice on successful sales development from a high-end source is precisely what a struggling brand needs. It happens so that Guy Kawasaki may be just the source you are looking for. As a former marketing specialist working for Apple, the author gained more than enough experience in lead generation and fruitful marketing over social media.

    The sales books written by Kawasaki have proved to be a tremendous success, and the mentioned copy wouldn't be an exception. In a promising collaboration with Mr. Fitzpatrick, the author has come up with a reliable guide on how to master social media marketing, and generating leads is one of the essential elements that the writers pay increased attention to.

    Given sales development playbook will provide a clear insight into improving your online presence, especially over the social media platforms. It is possible to use the book as a precise manual to get more leads at a rate you couldn't have dreamed about!

  7. Steve Morgan. Anti-Sell Marketing, Lead Generation & Networking Tips for Freelancers Who Hate Sales

    While the book's title does not sound like the best sales acceleration formula, it does catch the attention, doesn't it? Steve Morgan is a known and experienced SEO consultant specializing in online marketing and generating leads himself. While the beginning of the book will seem quite generic since primary lead generation strategies are discussed on the front pages.

    However, as you move on with the book, you will find yourself amidst a fresh perspective on how to generate leads doing something you do best. The role of passion and dedication to the cause plays a major part in the survey. The main aim of the book is to show freelancers all over the globe that what they do – aka lead generation – can become more than just a profession. It can become a part of your life, the one you enjoy, to add more.

    Steve Morgan shares a fair share of practical tips and advice on how to thrive during the ever-rising competition and succeed with more leads. Besides, any sales team can benefit from the tactics described in the book. It is not freelancer-limited.

  8. Carrie Bedingfield. The B2B Lead Generation Machine

    Most sales professionals know that the lead generation process isn't the simplest, no matter how easy and mundane it may sound. The spike of challenges arises when such a complex industry as the B2B field is in question. To make the sales job a little simpler, Carrie Bedingfield offers a reliable guide that will ensure the success of every lead generation strategy built according to the provided advice.

    One of the main aspects that the author centers attention on is the value proposition. Companies that want to generate leads need to ensure that their offers are nearly irresistible. To make matters even simpler, Bedingfield breaks the mentioned methods into different markets so that you can easily spot the track to follow depending upon the industry your brand promotes.

  9. Nik Maguire. Beyond PPC, Groundbreaking strategies for digital marketing lead generation, when pay per click won't perform

    In case you don't know, countless lead generation strategies are based on PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click marketing. Yet, not always the mentioned strategy brings in the sales leads and predictable revenue that you have counted on. That is when the first whiff of despair may creep over some sales managers. However, the book that Mr. Maguire offers can easily dispel the nightmare.

    The author covers the field of PPC in detail so that a dedicated sales team would be able to spot valuable lead sources within the industry. This is one of those lead generation books that offer you a chance to make the most of existing lead sources as well as create your own.

    Aside from that, the book covers most sales and marketing activities, including content marketing, split testing, sales funnels, social media marketing, and other critical topics that can help you drive sales and build a reputable brand. Many people claim that Maguire has created a handbook for all marketers, no matter the field and career stage.

  10. Scott A. Dennison. 80/20 Internet Lead Generation: How a Few Simple, Profitable Strategies Can Lead to Marketing Domination

    Some people are only at the beginning of their marketing paths, and with all the information available, it may be challenging to figure out where to start. If you actually want to master lead generation, then Dennison's book is where you begin the journey from.

    You won't find a magical sales acceleration formula described in the book. However, the author will help you understand the notion of an Ideal Customer Profile, Unique Selling Proposition, and other basics that play a major part in successful lead generation. Related tips and vital points concerning search engine optimization are mentioned in the book, too.

  11. Scott Groves. Lead Generate: 61 Days to Double Your Pay

    At times, the title you read may not sound like the type of sales development playbook you are looking for. Being nothing but catchy and sales-y, the book written by Scott Groves is a real deal. The man we are talking about is the renowned guru of lead generation. The author has been in the industry for over two decades now, and his fruitful journey continues with a slight shift in the form of an available paper copy (digital as well) that contains a recipe for success.

    The reason why the mentioned copy has gained such popularity is due to the sales acceleration formula described in it. Mr. Groves shares practical strategies and tactics that any reader can apply to real-life situations and benefit from the outcome. Some critics emphasize the fact that the author relies on his mortgage-related experience in the book since he is directly involved with the industry. Yet, that is a misleading assumption because you can apply the shared ideas to any industry and structure your approach to the point of perfect lead flow.

  12. Dan McDale. The Truth About Leads

    Not every person involved with lead generation knows about the underwater stones of the industry. There are countless stereotypes and myths that a careful marketer should be aware of. Some of them are so misleading that they can ruin the whole sales development campaign in a blink of an eye. Dan McDale is a CEO and a founder of Pointclear – a company centered on lead generation and outbound prospecting – so he is closely familiar with the sphere.

    Not only does the author debunk the most popular and the most dangerous myths related to the field, but he also describes how to generate more sales leads and gain predictable revenue. Aside from the informative part of the book, it is also well-structured so that it is easy to read and grasp even if you have little experience in the field.

  13. Dr. Lee Davenport. Profit with Your Personality: How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation and How You Can Too

    While you may possess all the theoretical knowledge in the world, the leads may not be flowing your way. Ever wondered why? It seems that Dr. Lee Davenport has all the answers ready. The writer points out that it is not enough to know what to do to win your leads. You need to be personally attractive to most users potentially interested in what you offer. A bit of psychological insight into the sphere is a good perspective.

    Another vital addition to the industry described in the book is the evaluation of the most successful cases related to the field. When you learn who has already done it and succeeded, plus you know how to do it, your sales prospecting chances will skyrocket.

    Lastly, the book contains all the popular tactics, strategies, and tips that come in handy in the industry. So, it is safe to say that one can use it as a lead generation manual, no matter if they are new or familiar with the field.

  14. Trevor Moawad. It Takes What It Takes

    This is not the handy book that will tell you how to generate leads in detail. We want to mention the fact straight away so that there is no room for misunderstanding. However, you need to realize that the lead generation process is not only about a practical approach to the matter. You can't be working in the field as a senseless machine, at least not for too long. The time comes when you start to feel like you are burning out, and that is when Moawad's book comes of great use.

    Trevor Moawad is a mental coach in the sports industry. Thus, the main idea behind the book is to help you arrive at a positive mindset that helps you deal with all the obstacles that arise in the process of sales development. It is all about analytical thinking and proper decision-making in the end, and the author will help you get to the destination in no time.

  15. Ashley Johnson. How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn: Everything you need to know about to drive sales!

    As you can see, the title of the book is quite self-explanatory. However, you have to be aware of why you may want to add the book to your lead generation to-read list. Ashley Johnson is not only a well-known lead generation speaker, but the author is also quite handy with leveraging the LinkedIn Sales Navigator when it comes to increased ROI and profitable lead generation strategies.

    So, if you have been thinking about growing your LinkedIn presence or building one, at that point, the book will become your precise guide into the land of the unknown. The writer will help you understand how to generate leads with the least effort involved, all due to the sync with the platform's mechanism. Both B2B and B2C representatives can enhance their sales development after reading the book.

Final words

The variety of marketing tools is growing by the day, and at times it may be challenging to monitor all of them on your own. With the list of the best lead generation books at hand, you will learn how to improve your sales prospecting and drive more sales down the funnel.

It may take time and dedication to master them all, but the more predictable revenue you gain, the more eager you will be to add more books to your to-read list!

Dmitry Chervonyi

Chief Marketing Officer at Belkins
Since starting his career in sales & marketing 9 years ago, Dmitry never stopped searching for new opportunities that can turn the tables on sales development and the ways that shape B2B relationships. He is always eager to share his findings with the audience.
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