Lead Generation & Research
When Should You Use AI In Marketing?
It’s time to explore the real potential of AI — and whether it really can accelerate your account marketing campaigns.
Dmitry Chervonyi
How Technographics Help Your Sales
Generally, we bring up technographics whenever we speak about data enrichment. So, it’s time for us to give this subject the attention it deserves.
Dmitry Chervonyi
What Do You Need To Identify a B2B Decision Maker?
What do you need to find a job title? A couple of minutes on LinkedIn. But is that really all you need to do to actually find the decision maker?
Dmitry Chervonyi
Sales Prospecting and 5 Ways To Advance It
Prospect, prospect, prospect. That’s what prominent B2B sales executives suggest to improve conversion and increase close rates. And they’re not wrong.
Michael Maximoff
Best Practices To Use Seasonality in B2B
Some people say that seasonality is a self-made prophecy. Others believe that it’s shaped by external factors. However, everyone agrees that predicting your hot seasons allows you to bring you...
Dmitry Chervonyi