Most Common B2B Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Julia Vlasova
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Despite all the content marketing efforts to increase the number of prospects, the result is usually a flop.

According to Content Marketing Institute, more than 63% of businesses don't have a marketing strategy.

Its absence results in the following issues that ruin the company’s reputation and decrease its profit. Read further to get to know how to avoid those mistakes and improve the company’s image.

List of typical B2B mistakes

Failure to create content for your target audience

Even though the products or services you provide appeal to lots of people, it’s important that you know your target audience. Providing one-size-fits-all content is a recipe for disaster. The main reason why many marketers make this mistake is that they don’t know who their audience is. There is no such thing as data relevant for everyone. Why? When someone searches the Internet, they are specific in what they are looking for, and they don’t have time to look for generic information.

Creating content for your target clients

The information has to be directed towards a specific audience. Take time to find a suitable audience as you might miss essential and potential customers while focusing on spectators. It will create loyalty among your followers, and you will enjoy long-term clients. As such, the strategy should imply producing content formats that are useful for a certain group of people.

Moreover, you need to constantly update the parameters that define your target audience to ensure that you are always up-to-date with their needs and expectations.

Not using email marketing

Email is one of the oldest digital marketing methods among those currently in use. Those not using it are missing out on a great opportunity to increase their leads and, ultimately, profits. 

Using email marketing

Most B2B business decision-makers interact through emails - it is the best way to reach them. Also, email marketing makes it possible to personalize the message to every individual on your list. 

Pressuring the leads

One of the mistakes that companies make when creating their marketing content is sounding promotional rather than informative. When potential clients are reading your articles, they are looking for valuable data. Quality information shows that you are knowledgeable in your field. When prospects realize this, you will become their first preference when looking for products or services identical to those that you provide.

The promotional text has opposite effects rather than bringing in customers. Leads are not looking for content that emphasizes buying a particular product but rather on providing helpful, beneficial information.

How to avoid this mistake?

The content you provide has to be interactive, facilitate engagement and a deeper understanding of your services. The quality of your information should keep the reader engaged and wanting to know more about your company. It ensures that when you present your sales pitch, the prospect will be in a position to decide on something that they have a thorough knowledge of. 

Addressing the wrong things

Creating quality content is not enough, you have to also ensure that it is relevant. Most marketing teams produce content for the sake of having something to present to the audience. Usually, they end up creating texts that address the wrong things and are of little value to the clients.

How do you create relevant content?

Feedback is essential in finding out exactly what the audience wants.

You can use this information to create content that addresses the needs and wants of the audience. Customer feedback is usually available in comments and emails. Please mind that talking about other things and ignoring what your customers want will result in decreasing customer satisfaction. It will cause your clients to leave and find other service providers who are more caring and attentive.

Failure to prioritize the value of content marketing

Content marketing is one of the solutions to increase the brand awareness of the company. People always have questions concerning the products or services that an organization provides. People trust sites that present valuable information. 

As such, by providing quality content, people will trust your information and visit your site more often. In turn, it brings more traffic to your site. Over time, you become a reliable brand authority through your content. 

To reap the benefits of content marketing, you have to become a regular contributor. It is achieved by being consistent in posting information regularly. Although the frequent contribution is essential, the quality of the posts is important for your potential customer to keep you on their radar. 

Not utilizing traffic to the maximum

Great content increases organic traffic to your site, but having an increased number of visitors is not enough. Huge website traffic does not translate to increased sales. You need to convert the visitors into qualified leads through a strategic sales funnel

How then do you capture these visitors and convert them into leads?

With many websites unnecessarily soliciting information from their visitors, people now avoid such practices. That is why you need to present something of value in exchange for their information. Offers, such as newsletters, free trials, and access to high-quality information are ways to convert your visitors into potential leads. Failure to capture the leads through your content results in losing potential customers.

Creating poor content

More B2B buyers acknowledge that their buying decisions are influenced by the information they read. More than 70% of B2B buyers admit that the trustworthiness of the content determines whether they will approach the salesperson. As such, producing understandable content is essential in retaining the existing customers. 

How do you improve your content?

You have to prove to your visitors that you are knowledgeable in what you do. Providing poor quality will only make the leads assume that you don't know what you are talking about and that your products are as poor as your content. It should be written in the language that your intended audience is familiar with. You have to deliver detailed content that leaves no room for doubts and prove your trustworthiness. 

Not blogging 

Creating content for your site and social media platforms is half the battle. Most organizations ignore blogging as it is mainly associated with freelancers who write articles to express themselves. Though it might be true, it offers numerous benefits to a company to implement some of the business objectives. Research has shown that most Internet users rely on blog content to make their decisions.

Importance of blogging

Blogs provide information on a personal level. If some people like your product and leave good reviews, leads who read these reviews will be instantly compelled to like and want to try it out. A good reviewed blog has a positive effect on the overall image of the company. As such, for businesses to increase their brand awareness, they need to embrace blogging, which is a great content marketing tool. 

Ignoring Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization involves crafting your content in such a way that it is easily accessible on the net when people search for that particular information. Unfortunately, many marketers tend to overlook it as unnecessary.

Why is it important?

According to statistics, 95% of the people who search on Google browse the first page. What does it mean? It means that if your content is not in the top 10, you will have to rely on the remaining 5% to view your text. Business-wise, it means all your efforts in creating quality content and advertising your business will have little impact. Moreover, research has shown that half of the 95% who view the first page only click on the top 3 Google search results.

Therefore, your content should be SEO optimized for easy accessibility and visibility on the Internet. It will lead to an increase in the number of visits to your landing pages, which will ultimately result in the boost of new business leads.

Neglecting essential keywords research

Most content market creators neglect researching essential keywords during the write-up. They only include specific keywords, which they think are essential. Google rank searches for articles that are capable of answering the questions your users have. Therefore, your article should have information for these answers to rank higher.

How do you make your articles more visible to Google rank search engines?

The best way to make the content more visible is to note down the suggestions that are offered when a user would want to search for your products or services. The suggestions offer common questions users ask. Creating a strategy that answers these questions will improve your search engine ranking as the articles will contain information addressing common inquiries.

Quantity over quality

Most content marketers have the wrong impression that more is better. This way of thinking is flawed and mostly produces poor results. When people search for something on the Internet, they are looking for quality content that is straightforward and provides answers to their questions. Bulky texts tend to stray away from the main topic, providing irrelevant information, which is boring and difficult to read. As a result, visitors avoid such articles in search of better ones. It will negatively affect your marketing campaign performance.

How to solve this issue?

Quality is essential in keeping the visitors interested and attracting more clients. With so much information on the Internet, visitors won’t waste time going through your content if they can’t find what they are looking for within 10 seconds. If you have a topic that requires you to write a lot for people to understand, it's best to chunk it up into two or more articles rather than deliver one long article. 

On top of writing quality texts, you can also add other media, such as videos and images, to make the content even more engaging. Compelling content will draw many users to your site - and you get leads! Quality is the priority of writing before other factors are included. So even if it’s a short article, make sure that it is informative, and your target audience will benefit from it. 

Delivering content at the wrong time

Delivering content at the right time is essential in marketing. Even if the text is excellent, timing can ensure success or failure. And those who fail wonder what they did wrong. It is one of the common mistakes that is difficult to discover. As such, analyze your timing perfectly.

How can you make the perfect delivery of your content to ensure maximum success?

The best way is to observe and analyze your audience’s behavior. It will reveal the common trends when they interact with your content, and you can take advantage of those findings to deliver your message at the right time. Also, when publishing marketing content, you have to be consistent with the adopted schedule. For example, if you plan to deliver daily, be sure to stick to that schedule. Others may opt for weekly or monthly deliveries. 

When you have decided on which content marketing strategy to follow, don't miss on publishing as people are drawn towards consistency. Deviating from the set schedule results in frustration among your audience. It causes them to look for other providers. Therefore, for the content to reach many people, ensure that your delivery is timely.

Delivering the same content 

Sometimes, when marketers feel like their content didn’t receive enough attention, they repost it, hoping that it will perform better than before. Delivering repetitive information is detrimental to the success of marketing. People tend to get bored with repetition, and they shy away from such content.

How do you prevent the repetition of content?

Diversify the content that you deliver. Instead of reposting an old post, create a new one with a similar topic and add internal links to the previous articles. Variety is essential in content marketing as it keeps the audience engaged and improves the inbound marketing of the company. Always look for new relevant topics to write about and ensure that every post you make contains new information for your visitors.

Not investing in understanding your clients 

Many companies tend to take a shortcut when it comes to this essential factor. Just because the process is tedious and takes time to accomplish, marketers tend to rely on the information obtained from third parties. Mostly, this information is incorrect and outdated, making it to a greater extent useless. As such, the content you write is based on assumed knowledge rather than what the customers want. 

How can you prevent this blunder?

Make a B2B content marketing strategy that focuses on the needs of your customers. Interact directly with your audience and understand what exactly they want. Collect information through surveys and avoid using stale second-hand information. Having first-hand facts directly from your clients enables you to create content that is appealing to your audience, and your lead generation will skyrocket to the next level.

Forgetting a call to action

After reading your great content, what is the next step for your visitors? Taking action! Most writers ignore or forget to include this essential factor in their write-up. Without a call to action, people will read your text and use it to purchase from other suppliers. Why? Because they will assume that you are there to provide them with information only. 

What to do then? 

Within or at the end of your articles, include a call to action for the visitors to purchase your products or sign up to be included in your list of potential prospects. A call to action enables the readers to contact you after consuming informative articles and inquire about your services. 

Zero promotion

Creating great quality content is the first essential thing in marketing. But if there are no people to view it, the efforts are in vain. Promoting your content through various media ensures that you expose your products to an increased number of people.

It is essential in gaining visibility in the crowded space of the Internet and helps your brand to stand out from the competition.

Having a promotion plan is essential before publishing your texts to ensure that you will be able to drive traffic to your website. 

How do you promote your content?

One of the most common ways of promotion is through partnering with influencers to share your content. This move ensures increased visibility of your brand to more people. Also, you can find out more ways of promotion. Therefore, before publishing, have a content marketing plan to advertise it. 

Irrelevant content

Sometimes, even after creating quality content, the number of people who visit your site does not increase, and you wonder why. It's because your information is irrelevant to the audience. It does not satisfy their needs. As such, it does not motivate them to keep reading and visit your site. Relevance in content creation is essential, especially when planning to increase your site traffic, which will enable you to generate more leads and, eventually, more sales. 

What is relevant content, and how do you create it? 

First of all, the content that you create should not satisfy the writer but the audience. It has to be what the audience wants and anticipates. It should arouse the interest of your visitors to find out more about what you are presenting. Inconsistency is costly and will result in people having a negative perspective of what you provide. Moreover, ensure that the content you deliver is detailed, informative, and relevant to your products and services. 


For effective B2B content marketing, certain content marketing goals should be addressed. Failure to do so results in some of the B2B content marketing mistakes that are presented in this article.

By maximizing the tips provided for each mistake, the marketers will improve their strategy and increase the number of leads generated from the content they publish. To achieve this, it’s important to address a reliable B2B lead generation company, such as Belkins. 

Julia Vlasova

Marketing Lead
Julia has been responsible for more than 10 projects of different industries at Belkins. She is now leading Marketing team at Belkins bringing alive special content and initiatives to bring value for our readers, clients, partners and Belkins team at large.