+50 Appointments: How Belkins Helped CemtrexLabs Immunize their Campaigns Against COVID-19

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Lucky Gobindram
Lucky Gobindram
EVP of Sales & Marketing at CemtrexLabs

CemtrexLabs is a success-driven digital marketing company that changes the rules of brand interaction. The teams of CemtrexLabs provide businesses with the right experts and technology to build communication strategies, develop websites, and enhance their marketing campaigns to achieve top productivity.

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Yuriy Boyko
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Olha Yasnohor
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Alena Popova
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CemtrexLabs helps brands tackle their marketing challenges and score the most productive results. At first, the company reached out to Belkins in order to accelerate their F2F meetings. However, when COVID-19 hit, Belkins and CemtrexLab experienced the need to adapt and take leadership in their own hands. 

Main takeaway

Staying alert and flexible is the key to success. Moreover, it’s the key to your business’ survival when your industry is going through so many changes. Your company should build immunity and make sure that your business can respond to the harmful effects of force majeure. 


Since CemtrexLabs targeted several segments, the company encountered issues from multiple directions. 

  • Small and medium businesses. While finding the right person at large corporations proved to be a challenge, the client also had problems crafting a message for small and medium-sized companies. It was necessary to find the right wording and highlight the benefits relevant to such businesses.
  • Startups. The client targeted startups that received Series A funding. However, the search wasn’t delivering any prospects that would fit the ICP.
  • Event agencies. In the wake of COVID-19, it was the most productive direction. Many enterprises that relied on events to generate new customers needed assistance with switching from live events to virtual ones.
  • Companies using Drupal. Since Drupal 7 was approaching its end-of-life in 2021, many businesses were going to face the need to change their content management system and switch to another platform. Some potential customers already knew about it and started considering WordPress, while other prospects were yet to realize the necessity to implement changes. It is the reason why this segment was rather complicated and required in-depth research and surgically precise wording. They helped to prove the client’s expertise and explain why it’s relevant to potential customers’ needs.

What we did

A) Initial strategy 

The client relied on F2F meetings to accelerate sales. Following this strategy, we stuck to our usual routine: 

  • Targeting. We targeted Retail, Fashion, Apparel, and Entertainment companies that worked in New York, USA, and were open to face-to-face meetings with the client’s representatives.
  • Template writing. We used a set of templates directed at smoothly motivating prospects to schedule a face-to-face (F2F) meeting with a CemtrexLabs representative.
  • Nurturing. Our SDRs guided the prospects through every stage of the sales funnel to make sure they reached its narrow end and could be handed over to the client’s sales teams.

B) Corona scenario

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen a sharp decline in F2F meetings. Our results for F2F campaigns kept dropping throughout December 2019, with a number of negative responses exceeding the number of booked meetings.

In our case, the impending COVID-19 crisis was the culprit. As new limitations and travel bans were implemented, we had to think on our feet and rework our templates, approaches, and sales development methods for CemtrexLabs.

This was, without a doubt, a challenging case for our team. In order to optimize each direction and squeeze the maximum productivity out of every campaign, we ran a lot of analytics, sat through multiple brainstorms, and launched multiple A|B testing campaigns.

1) Small and medium businesses 

In order to cover and engage as many target audience groups as possible, we were extra careful about picking the right approach. Our copywriting teams tried out at least six templates and cadences before we were able to figure out the most effective campaign.

2) Startups

Looking for startups that recently received Series A funding was also a complicated process, so we narrowed our search requirements down to 50 leads per week.

3) Event companies 

This direction was the life-saver during the pandemic. After the cancellation of presentations, conferences, meetings, conventions, and several other live events, businesses from this segment needed assistance with adapting to the new reality of social distancing and quarantine. They required readjusting their way of promoting their services, building communication strategies, and promoting new virtual events. 

This is why the services of CemtrexLabs were incredibly relevant to such prospects, so our research, template writing, and wording didn’t take much time to implement.

4) Drupal users

Drupal is a go-to option for content-heavy websites with a focus on building a professional image. Companies that use this software often require a vendor who understands Drupal and can provide developers with a complicated content management system and a transitioning option to other platforms. 

  • Optimized templates. Some Drupal users were unaware of Drupal 7 reaching its end-of-life in 2021; some were already thinking about switching to WordPress or another content management system. Both of them were important to the client. CemtrexLabs has experts working with Drupal and smoothly changing platforms whenever necessary.
  • Expanded the client’s Ideal Customer Profile. Understanding the way other customers use technology takes lots of precision and research. In order to drive accurate data, we started with expanding the client’s Ideal Customer Profile.

5) LinkedIn drip campaigns

In addition to all our outreach and research campaigns, we kept warming our prospects up on LinkedIn to propel their interest in the client’s product and build connections. These campaigns were centered on touching LinkedIn base and smoothly questioning the prospects about their business continuity plan.


  • It took us 9 months to start and adapt the strategy for CemtrexLabs. We had to deal with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis within this time frame and rework our approach almost completely.
  • Our timely response to new challenges helped us attract and schedule appointments with prominent companies, such as Armani, FOX, JTI, Macy’s, Swatch, The Guardian, and CBS.
  • In total, we scheduled over 50 business appointments with prospects from the SMB area, event and entertainment industry, as well as other segments of the client’s target audience.
  • Even throughout the most difficult periods, the open rate remained above 25%, which is a good benchmark.

Key takeaways

  • Be sharp and precise with your wording. Just a couple of words can win you an entire campaign once you put in enough effort. So investing your time in building a sales offer that rings true with your prospects will reward you with a higher positive response rate and more lucrative deals. It will also carry you through the hardest times since your potential buyers won’t want to lose sight of such a well-versed vendor.
  • Flexibility. As Bruce Lee once said, “Be the water.” These are quite relevant words when it comes to dealing with B2B challenges. You can’t afford to stay rigid. You have to stay alert and respond to new changes quickly. So, even if everything is fine and your campaigns are running smoothly, you should build Plan B and even Plan C for emergencies.
  • Always test the Plan B approach. It’s not enough to have a Plan B. You must make sure that it works. Therefore, you should gather your team, brainstorm together, and try out your backup plan to make sure that it will save you when the moment comes.
  • React to market trends. Nothing stays the same on the market. It is constantly impacted by an entire set of factors, from financial changes to an epidemic.

Don’t wait for the storm to hit: You must be able to read the writing on the wall and start safeguarding your campaigns before the impact of force majeure starts affecting businesses.