Why businesses choose belkins?
Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.
Even if you start small, you must think big
Pedro Morgado
CEO at BytePitch
4X growth within 6 months for a Video Production Agency 7Wonders Cinema
Avg. deal size
Appointments per month
Main Takeaways
A lead generation partner with proven marketing tactics and software will expand your business at least four times within 6 months. Once your sales process is predictable, you will succeed on your revenue goals.
7Wonders Cinema came to Belkins seeking scaling up their sales operations. As a result, they obtained a steady flow of 3K MQLs per month and a sales pipeline full of potential lifetime clients.
50 Appointments Booked in 6 Months for a Renewable Energy Сompany Smappee
Email open rate
Meetings booked
Main Takeaways
Target audiences should be revised if lead generation efforts are stalling. Belkins adjusted the ICP and TA by expanding the tight niche of energy service companies.
Belkins helped Smappee adjust their ICP, segment audiences, and research leads, bringing 50 appointments within 6 months and 60%+ of email open rates.
Solid Outbound Strategy Helped Belkins Land 10 Appointments a Week for GoHealth UC
Booked meetings
Average deal size
Main Takeaways
The right balance of persistence and interesting offering wins over the most hard-to-get prospects. The agility of our sales strategy allows changing our approaches and tactics quickly to reach our sales targets.
GoHealth UC hired Belkins to scale up and free their in-house sales team from the top-of-the-sales-funnel activities. Belkins filled the client’s pipeline with high-quality leads and brought a high-ticket deal.
+50% To Appointment Rate Growth And 20+ New Booked Meetings Under 3 Months For a Hardware Company Omnicharge
Appointment rate growth
New booked meetings per month
Main Takeaways
Omnicharge aimed to enhance online presence and lead conversion. The Belkins team has developed effective strategies and solutions to help the company achieve all the pre-set goals.
Omnicharge has been struggling to land new deals and spread brand awareness on a global scale. Belkins helped it increase the user base, change the marketing strategy, and master the power of LinkedIn.
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