Why businesses choose belkins?
Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.
Even if you start small, you must think big
Pedro Morgado
CEO at BytePitch
How Targeting and Monitoring Can Increase Your Revenue
Main Takeaways
The collaboration between the client’s in-house sales teams and our teams is highly important. It grants a better vision of the client’s prospects and reduces the risks of no-shows. 
Why do you need an SDR for your email outreach? Senior Sales Development Representative at Belkins has a story for you.
90% Engagement Rate and New Opportunities for Shelby Williams
Increase in sales
Main Takeaways
While telemarketing brings results, combining it with modern digital lead generation methods can give you an edge over your competition. The best way to explore such innovative methods is to employ a dedicated team.
Having catered to all areas of hospitality for nearly 60 years, Shelby Williams decided to gain a new competitive edge by exploring innovative means of B2B lead generation.
Belkins Optimizes Outbound Sales for The Columbus Chamber
Open rate
Growth in sales
Main Takeaways
In the six weeks, we've been working together, we've been able to reduce the time spent searching for new prospects from 65% down to 50%. Now our sales team gets to spend more time in front of potential clients.
Belkins then pulled the messaging together and executed the outbound campaigns on our behalf.
How Belkins Helped BinarApps Boost Its Revenue by $25,000/monthly
In revenue
Main Takeaways
Your entire outreach strategy depends on your target audience and where they are. Before you start presenting yourself to a new market in a new geographical zone, you need to know its maturity and preferences.
The client needed a team confident in B2B outreach and communication with the potential prospects across the US – and Belkins was able to meet all those requirements.
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