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Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.

We used to have VP of Sales, now we have Belkins instead
Brian SmithCOO at Revenue Creations
Brian Smith
Hardware Manufacturing
100+appointments booked in 18 months
Main Takeaways

Find what works and develop it to get more of what you need. Belkins saw that the best-fit leads come from conferences and elevated this approach by finding more events and databases with pump manufacturers.

29appointments with enterprise businesses

To fill AMI’s sales pipeline with pump manufacturer prospects, Belkins diversified the lead acquisition channels, used multiple creative approaches, and set up a solid sales process.

Hardware Manufacturing
109qualified appointments booked
Main Takeaways

The exhausted sources of lead research turn into an excellent opportunity to test new approaches and see new horizons.

80%cold email open rate

Belkins filled Simply NUC’s sales pipeline with 100+ qualified appointments over the course of 21 months, resulting in highly-lucrative deals. However, these outcomes are rarely the result of minimal effort. We jumped through a few hoops, but it was worth delivering as many qualified leads as possible.

Hardware Manufacturing
15appointments booked in 2 months
Main Takeaways

Perseverance and the right mindset enable a team of professionals to learn the product swiftly while reaching out to the right titles with relevant value propositions.

100%avg. KPI rate achieved

Belkins professionals used a traditional referral approach to fill the pipeline for a prominent player in the IoT industry. Given the longer sales cycle for niche products, Belkins’s professionalism and dedication delivered Smartrek 15 potential deals in just under 2 months.

50%+appointment rate growth
Main Takeaways

Omnicharge aimed to enhance online presence and lead conversion. The Belkins team has developed effective strategies and solutions to help the company achieve all the pre-set goals.

20+new booked meetings per month

Omnicharge has been struggling to land new deals and spread brand awareness on a global scale. Belkins helped it increase the user base, change the marketing strategy, and master the power of LinkedIn.

Hardware Manufacturing
50increase in sales
Main Takeaways

While telemarketing brings results, combining it with modern digital lead generation methods can give you an edge over your competition. The best way to explore such innovative methods is to employ a dedicated team.

90%cold email open rate

Having catered to all areas of hospitality for nearly 60 years, Shelby Williams decided to gain a new competitive edge by exploring innovative means of B2B lead generation.

Hardware Manufacturing
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