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Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.

We used to have VP of Sales, now we have Belkins instead
Brian SmithCOO at Revenue Creations
Brian Smith
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
34appointments booked in 2 months
Main Takeaways

Because we started our partnership at the end of the year and during a slow season, we didn’t expect to see lightning-fast results. However, the appts booked in the first month signaled to Belkins and Mindstrong that this campaign would soon turn a huge profit.

130% avg. KPI rate achieved

The client’s primary objective was to oversee marketing efforts and integrate cold outreach into their overall growth strategy. As a result, Belkins provided a steady flow of opportunities and new deals.

376appointments booked
Main Takeaways

The right balance of persistence and interesting offering wins over the most hard-to-get prospects. The agility of our sales strategy allows changing our approaches and tactics quickly to reach our sales targets.

$100Кavg. deal size

GoHealth UC hired Belkins to scale up and free their in-house sales team from the top-of-the-sales-funnel activities. Belkins filled the client’s pipeline with high-quality leads and brought a high-ticket deal.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
116appointments booked in 4 months
Main Takeaways

The success of the OTH case has multiple factors, including a superior product, responsive client, hard-working team members, and effective communication between both parties.

130%avg. KPI rate achieved

The medical platform needed to update its client acquisition strategy. Belkins started the search beyond medical professionals and targeted other beneficiaries: decision-makers from financial and IT depts.

35appointments booked in 5 months
Main Takeaways

A fine-tuned, well-performing sales pipeline, and email outreach campaigns can save your business’ life. Don’t treat cold emails lightly and make sure to be extra careful with your targeting.

$150Kin a new revenue size

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BioSistemika invested in email outreach to keep building important connections.

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