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Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.

We used to have VP of Sales, now we have Belkins instead
Brian SmithCOO at Revenue Creations
Brian Smith
Information Technology & Services
145appointments booked in 9 months
Main Takeaways

Partnering with the right professional agency can optimize your time and fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

120%avg. KPI rate achieved

Belkins’ approach provided ed2go with a stream of fresh, qualified leads. A 9-month partnership between the two companies yielded 145 appointments and a 60% increase in email open rates.

Information Technology & Services
77appointments scheduled in 12 months
Main Takeaways

The Ebco case study demonstrates how Belkins’s data-driven approach delivers exceptional performance, even for the most challenging cases. The lesson in practice? Once you understand your client’s pain points and have the right tools in place, your campaigns never fail.

15new qualified opportunities

Belkins worked to understand Ebco’s business and used a trial-and-error tactic to reach out to Fortune 1,000 decision-makers. A year-long partnership brought in nearly 12k leads, 77 meetings, 2 deals, and 15+ deals in the making.

24 appointments booked in 5 months
Main Takeaways

A prospecting strategy can be daunting when tasked with reaching out to large enterprises and the CEOs who aren’t exactly eager to respond to cold email outreach. However, when communication is aligned, your outsourced and in-house teams can function as a single team!

100%avg. KPI rate achieved

GTI Telecom wanted to extend its business and addressed Belkins for lead gen services. As a result, 24 appointments with large enterprises were booked within 5 months.

50+appointments booked in 8 months
Main Takeaways

We aren’t afraid of challenges. Reaching prospects in their native languages was a thrilling yet reasonable idea. Adding this to well-thought communication and thorough research provided us with amazing results.

150%avg. KPI rate achieved

Belkins helped the small but ambitious company achieve new horizons. We launched several outreach campaigns, and the most successful reached an 85% open rate. Labrador got 51 appointments in 8 months, but it was just the beginning!

63appointments booked in 6 months
Main Takeaways

If metrics and stats are not satisfactory, tweak and adjust your content strategy until it meets the demands of a new market. Communicate with the client and work together to tackle the issue at hand.

55%cold email reply rate

The sales team of ITG Software struggled with an inconsistent flow of leads and stalled deals. ITG partnered with Belkins for a focused lead generation strategy to enter new markets in the U.S. and Israel.

10deals closed in 3 months
Main Takeaways

Sometimes, it's hard to find your ideal customer. However, when you make it your goal and align your efforts with qualified researchers, your task goes from mission impossible to a solvable challenge. 

$500Kconfirmed new revenue

FrontCore wanted its solution to be seen and accessed by the target audience. Having made their name on the market of Denmark and around the United Kingdom, they looked for new territories with the help of Belkins. 

10appointments booked every month
Main Takeaways

Don’t make your in-house teams multitask. It’ll end up in over-exhaustion and burnout. Build a powerful knowledge base about your brand and services.

$200Kadded to new revenue

After discovering the need for more quality leads, Whitespots partnered with Belkins for deep industry analysis and lead generation services.

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