Why businesses choose belkins?
Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.
Even if you start small, you must think big
Pedro Morgado
CEO at BytePitch
5 Months of Belkins Focused Lead Generation Results in 24 Appointments Booked for a Global Telecom Company
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Main Takeaways
A prospecting strategy can be daunting when tasked with reaching out to large enterprises and the CEOs who aren’t exactly eager to respond to cold email outreach. However, when communication is aligned, your outsourced and in-house teams can function as a single team!
GTI Telecom wanted to extend its business and addressed Belkins for lead gen services. As a result, 24 appointments with large enterprises were booked within 5 months.
Belkins Funnelled 2K High-Quality Leads to PowerBuy in 3 Months
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Main Takeaways
While cold outbound allows for quick adjustments along the way, Belkins figured out how to change their lead research approach and tailor email subject lines to deliver surefire terrific results for PowerBuy.
Founded in 2019, PowerBuy has been improving checkout conversions for group buying. Looking to expand its markets, PowerBuy recruited Belkins for lead generation and lead nurturing globally.
2 Markets & 63 Meetings for ITG Software
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Main Takeaways
If metrics and stats are not satisfactory, tweak and adjust your content strategy until it meets the demands of a new market. Communicate with the client and work together to tackle the issue at hand.
The sales team of ITG Software struggled with an inconsistent flow of leads and stalled deals. ITG partnered with Belkins for a focused lead generation strategy to enter new markets in the U.S. and Israel.
Case Study: 95% Lead Quality With Effective Outsourcing
Target investors
Crypto-focused journalists
Main Takeaways
While services and products related to insurance blockchain are nothing new, it takes a lot of effort to promote the product to the right customer, at the right moment.
To hit every deadline on their roadmap, Black Insurance needed to gather an audience of highly relevant titles that would become the first investors and help their ICO to go smoothly.