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Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.

We used to have VP of Sales, now we have Belkins instead
Brian SmithCOO at Revenue Creations
Brian Smith
60%cold email open rate
Main Takeaways

Target audiences should be revised if lead generation efforts are stalling. Belkins adjusted the ICP and TA by expanding the tight niche of energy service companies.

50appointments booked in 3 months

Belkins helped Smappee adjust their ICP, segment audiences, and research leads, bringing 50 appointments within 6 months and 60%+ of email open rates.

Renewable Energy
55appointments booked in 6 months
Main Takeaways

Despite the industry challenges, Belkins experts helped Peregrine gain an eco-friendly reputation and win the hearts of the target audience via well-thought personalized messages.

143%overperformed contract KPI index

Belkins helped Peregrine schedule 55 appointments in 6 months and close 2 awesome deals that boosted the company’s revenue.

Renewable Energy
137confirmed appointments in 10 months
Main Takeaways

Innovative solutions can be easily shadowed by an old-fashioned approach. Give them the visibility they deserve. When you have great goals, share them with great experts who know how to bring your concept to life.

$10M+pipeline increase

Good intentions aren’t enough to pave your way towards your goal. You also need a plan, some high-quality research, and a team of professionals dedicated to building an exciting journey for your target audience.

Renewable Energy
50%increase in sales
Main Takeaways

Buyers buy differently today. They've done most of the research online before a salesman's ever involved. B2B sales require a new approach for sure.

$2Mavg. deal size

Belkins has helped us with consistent lead-generation, starting conversations, and getting us meetings. That takes a lot off our plate.

Renewable Energy
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