Why businesses choose belkins?
Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.
Even if you start small, you must think big
Pedro Morgado
CEO at BytePitch
2 Markets & 63 Meetings for ITG Software
Qualified appointments
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Main Takeaways
If metrics and stats are not satisfactory, tweak and adjust your content strategy until it meets the demands of a new market. Communicate with the client and work together to tackle the issue at hand.
The sales team of ITG Software struggled with an inconsistent flow of leads and stalled deals. ITG partnered with Belkins for a focused lead generation strategy to enter new markets in the U.S. and Israel.
Belkins Helps Born & Bred Achieve a 297% Year-Over-Year Growth
Appointment rate
In revenue
Main Takeaways
A small team, some agility and a well-built long-term strategy will get you far and let you maneuver your way around all kinds of pitfalls. Never give up on your vision and plans.
Born & Bred had no issues with building a brand identity for their clients. However, when it came to advancing to the next level, the team needed to apply extra effort and try the most innovative approach.
Maark Gets Billion Revenue Prospects with Belkins
Revenue companies engaged
Appointment booking rate
Main Takeaways
Don’t be afraid to show ambitions. Don’t wait until you grow big enough to play with the big boys. Pursuing grand goals is commendable, when you make sure to build a detailed roadmap and consult with professionals. 
Maark wanted to gain visibility and generate sales appointments as soon as possible. In order to do this, the agency made a decision to target $50,000 in revenue companies and let Belkins handle the process. 
Belkins Helps Lion Energy Close Their $10M Goal
Email open rate
Main Takeaways
Innovative solutions can be easily shadowed by an old-fashioned approach. Give them the visibility they deserve. When you have great goals, share them with great experts who know how to bring your concept to life.
Good intentions aren’t enough to pave your way towards your goal. You also need a plan, some high-quality research, and a team of professionals dedicated to building an exciting journey for your target audience.
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