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Brian SmithCOO at Revenue Creations
Brian Smith
Company Size
    41appointments booked in 5 months
    Main Takeaways

    The crucial part of outreach campaigns is understanding the market demands and prospects’ pain points in order to tailor your sales pitch in such a way that it resonates with your audience.

    80%cold email open rate

    Belkins filled Monarch Studios’s sales pipeline with 41 appointments within 5 months, outperforming KPIs by 154%.

    75+appointments booked in 5 months
    Main Takeaways

    Before applying the perfect approach, it's essential to test various campaign types so you can understand which one resonates the best with the prospect or TAM.

    100%avg. KPI rate achieved

    Generating qualified leads, even if numbers are low, can bring more appointments than a great pool of leads that are not relevant to the client’s product.

    21appointment booked in 4 months
    Main Takeaways

    Our main goal was not chasing after quantitative indicators, but rather focusing on qualified leads and dream clients. Narrowing down the market, profound research, and comprehensive learning of each company's domain turned out to be an effective way to fulfill KPIs.

    15% deal closing ratio

    The motto of this outreach campaign is “Quality over quantity”. Thanks to the client’s intent to focus on a specific and limited target audience, we elaborated upon an account-based approach, allowing us to bring 21 appointments in 4 months using a low number of leads.

    $900K new project revenue
    Main Takeaways

    How to enter a completely saturated market via cold outreach campaigns? A tailored value proposition, tried and true approaches, and expansion of your ideal customer profile. These are just a part of the success story of a soft dev company.

    48appointments booked in 4 months

    The client’s goal was to reach out to businesses with $200 million in revenue and C-level titles related to the IT sphere. To gain a competitive edge, the Belkins team utilized a non-standard approach, which resulted in fast KPI achievement.

    80appointments booked in 7 months
    Main Takeaways

    Understanding demand in your market is of the utmost importance while considering your outreach plan. Belkins’ referral campaign approach proved to be incremental to win prospects’ over.

    145% avg. KPI achieved

    Belkins filled Codio’s sales pipeline with nearly 100 appointments. Our prospecting strategy encompassed both inbound and outbound outreach campaigns.

    80+confirmed appointments in 7 months
    Main Takeaways

    Despite a non-standard request from the client, an ability to be adaptive and flexible helped us yield even better results than expected.

    50%cold email reply rate

    Grafi.io applied to work with Belkins to get assistance in exploring a new market, defining the right ICP, and resetting appointments with prospects. In 7 months, Belkins managed to generate around 10K leads and set up 80 appointments.

    46Appointments booked
    Main Takeaways

    Out-of-the-box approaches in combination with best practices turn a powerful idea into an impactful campaign that expands the market share for Growthsayer.

    4Deals closed

    Growthsayer addressed us to expand on their target industries and enter into new markets. In 6 months, they achieved 46 appointments and closed 4 deals.

    $1.5Mclosed-won deals
    Main Takeaways

    Strategic testing and proactive fixes lead to a successful launch and effective outreach campaign while increasing ICPs’ engagement. A pinch of creativity and freedom to “do what is needed” didn’t do any harm either!

    90+appointments booked in 13 months

    Driveline’s main goal was to build a pipeline of consistent leads. They wanted to land retailers with 250+ locations across the U.S. and Belkins ensured a steady lead flow. In 13 months, we delivered 93 appointments, resulting in several deals.

    100+appointments booked in 18 months
    Main Takeaways

    Find what works and develop it to get more of what you need. Belkins saw that the best-fit leads come from conferences and elevated this approach by finding more events and databases with pump manufacturers.

    29appointments with enterprise businesses

    To fill AMI’s sales pipeline with pump manufacturer prospects, Belkins diversified the lead acquisition channels, used multiple creative approaches, and set up a solid sales process.

    34appointments booked in 2 months
    Main Takeaways

    Because we started our partnership at the end of the year and during a slow season, we didn’t expect to see lightning-fast results. However, the appts booked in the first month signaled to Belkins and Mindstrong that this campaign would soon turn a huge profit.

    130% avg. KPI rate achieved

    The client’s primary objective was to oversee marketing efforts and integrate cold outreach into their overall growth strategy. As a result, Belkins provided a steady flow of opportunities and new deals.

    109qualified appointments booked
    Main Takeaways

    The exhausted sources of lead research turn into an excellent opportunity to test new approaches and see new horizons.

    80%cold email open rate

    Belkins filled Simply NUC’s sales pipeline with 100+ qualified appointments over the course of 21 months, resulting in highly-lucrative deals. However, these outcomes are rarely the result of minimal effort. We jumped through a few hoops, but it was worth delivering as many qualified leads as possible.

    90 appointments booked in 6 months
    Main Takeaways

    The financial market stands out with its long sales cycle and complicated decision-making process. Still, with a pinch of persistence and the right communication, Belkins exceeded the expectations of the client.

    140%avg. KPI rate achieved

    With no regional limitations, Belkins team had almost endless opportunities in research. We managed to reach 140% of KPIs in the first months, setting a great tempo for the whole collaboration.

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