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What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel (also referred to as purchase funnel, sales process, or revenue funnel) is a common marketing model that outlines an approximate customer journey from the moment they discover a company to the point of making a purchase.

This term defines all stages through which a business finds buyers, qualifies leads, and closes deals.
Typically, a sales funnel consists of multiple phases. 

Depending on the specific sales model, the number of stages may differ. For example, the AIDA model of sales funnels assumes four steps: 

  • Awareness – when a customer becomes aware of a service or product
  • Interest – when a client expresses interest in a service or product
  • Desire – when a customer decides he wants to buy a particular product
  • Action – when a client closes a deal

There are also some other models. For example, another common model is more advanced and divides a sales funnel into seven stages: 

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Evaluation (when a customer compares a company and its products to competitors)
  • Decision
  • Purchase
  • Reevaluation (when a client decides whether to repurchase from a particular brand or not)
  • Repurchase