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Difference Between a B2B Agency and a B2B Company

When it’s time to acquire external services, such as marketing and advertising, it’s difficult for most companies to select between an agency and a company. If you find yourself in this position each time you have to choose between the two, worry no more. This article will clarify the difference between the two and how you can choose the best option for your company.  

B2B agency vs. company: Difference

The difference between a B2B agency and a B2B company lies in how they solve their clients’ problems. In most cases, B2B agents work more collaboratively with the clients under the supervision of their clients or an organizational structure hiring them. B2B companies usually require less to no monitoring as they have extensive knowledge and the resources to perform tasks independently. Another major difference is the cost of services and the time required to achieve the goals. Most agencies provide the manpower; the tools to get the job done are usually the client’s responsibility. As for the B2B company, they have all the resources to accomplish the task. Another major difference between an agency and a company is that a company mostly provides specialized services only, and an agency is capable of providing experts from different fields.

What is a B2B company?

A business-to-business company is a business organization that exists independently to provide professional services in their specialty to other businesses. It possesses resources to address the problems of a client. 

What is a B2B company in a broader sense?

A B2B company has an organizational structure that enables them to serve its clients more effectively. A B2B company is equipped with diverse people who are specialized in different areas relating to the business of the company, be it marketing or advertising. Usually, a B2B company specializes in one field, such as marketing, advertising, or sales. The organization serves the clients by providing them with a new structure for the implementation of the solutions.

What is a B2B agency?

A business-to-business agency serves as a mediator between different companies. It does this by providing talented individuals to work on the client’s requirements. A B2B agency finds suitable and capable applicants to address the client’s task. An agency is equipped with diverse people specialized in various jobs, including advertising and marketing. 

What is a B2B agency in a broader sense?

As a mediator between companies, a B2B agency has a diverse portfolio capable of providing multiple services to a client compared to a B2B company, which mostly specializes in one area. B2B agencies mainly serve the client by improving the existing business structure and providing new insights through their experience and expertise.

B2B agency vs. B2B Company: What do they do for a client?

B2B agency

The business-to-business agency has only talented people who will help you solve the problems in an effective manner. With a B2B agency, as the company owner, you are responsible for managing the agents to work in the direction suited for you. The agents are responsible for specific tasks, such as finding ways to improve the marketing or advertising strategies. The agents are in charge of understanding the client’s problems and providing solutions that align with what the client wants. Agents follow the organizational structure of their clients.

B2B Company

A business-to-business company comes with the whole team to serve the client and solve the problem at hand. It has its project managers, although the client's representative may be required from time to time for clarification in some areas. The B2B Company provides solutions to complex business problems. They come with proven solutions that work, and they find ways to customize them into their clients' frameworks. For a B2B company, its main aim is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business procedures to gain more leads. Grow your B2B lead generation online and experience increased business growth!

Should Your Business Work with B2B Agency or B2B Company?

Having investigated B2B agency vs. B2B company, you might arrive at the conclusion that both of them are viable options to help resolve some issues. However, depending on different factors, such as budget, time, and project management, one is better than the other. Find out more about business-to-business digital lead generation by Belkins.


When you are in a hurry to accomplish your objectives or solve a pending problem, hiring a B2B company will be the best option. A B2B company is more than well-prepared as they would have worked on similar problems like yours. As such, they will already have a framework that ensures the accelerated delivery of solutions. 

On the other hand, B2B agencies need more time before coming up with a solution. First, they need to create new frameworks that correspond to your problem. Also, the fact that they have to adjust to their client's way of doing things, constantly report, and ask for permission tends to increase the time taken for the project to be completed.


When the company has a tight budget, hiring an agency is ideal as their services are less expensive compared to B2B companies. A B2B agency will usually comprise one agent or a small team, depending on the objectives that need to be achieved. As such, the cost of hiring an agency would be small compared to hiring a B2B company. However, for complex projects, it is wiser to budget enough to hire a B2B company. It will have the resources to come with solutions within a short time.


On a project that requires your ultimate management, a B2B agency is more appropriate for this. With a B2B agency, you are the project manager in control of everything, and you are responsible for how they proceed when a project is undertaken.

On the other hand, hiring a B2B company will leave you with ample time to concentrate on your business as they can handle the complete project independently without supervision. 


In conclusion, a B2B agency will cost less to the company, and the client has more control of the processes. However, more time is required to complete the projects. With a B2B company, projects are completed faster. As a client, you’ll have more time to concentrate on other business issues. As such, before acquiring the services of a B2B agency or B2B company, evaluate the three stated factors and determine which ones are crucial for you. Afterwards, you can easily choose which one is more suitable for you.