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How to Increase Email Open Rates

The success of email marketing is largely dependent upon the open rate of your emails. It is so because one can proceed to take further actions once they have opened an email. 

How to increase email open rates? Below are some of the best tips to practice if you are serious about increasing email rates. What is a good open rate for email? Well, to answer that, the global average in 2020 was 21.3 %. Learn B2B email marketing and find out how to reach and exceed the global average for open rates in your email marketing campaigns.

What Sender Name Do You Use?

A sender name is a name the recipients see when they encounter emails from you. Usually, a personal name or a company name is used. Applying either of these two has a huge difference in how the recipients are going to react. Research from Pinpointe marketing states that using specific personal names can increase email open rates by a staggering 35%. 

Segment your lists to boost email open rate

The main reason why people open your emails is if they are relevant. Many factors determine how one can segment their emails. It can be geographical location or purchase behavior. This segmentation enables one to send personalized emails that will be relevant to how the recipients interact with your products or services. With segmentation, it will be easier to create emails with subject lines and content that is relevant. And it will entice them to open your future emails. 

Avoid Spam Filters

For an email marketing campaign to be successful, the emails must reach the intended email list. The emails must be in the inbox folder. Otherwise, they can’t be seen and read. For that to occur, the emails must be written in such a way as not to trigger spam filters. Having emails sent to a spam folder decreases your chances of engaging with the audience. 

Besides, it cripples your sender reputation, which increases the chances of future emails being sent to spam. For an effective email marketing campaign, you need to exercise caution to ensure that your mail passes through the spam filters. Below are some of the things that you need to be careful with.

Words and phrases

Some words and phrases are associated with spam mails. Having these words in your emails increases your chances of being regarded as a spammer. Therefore, it’s best to know these words so that you avoid spam filters diverting your emails.


If you have a link to the website or want to reference using links, make sure they are correct. A difference in lettering between the link and the URL will mostly trigger spam filters. 


Within your emails, you must have an unsubscribe option for those who no longer want to be on your email list. It is advisable as hiding that option will force your email subscribers to divert your emails into a spam folder. If more people happen to get you to the spam folder, spam filters will get triggered once your address sends emails, and they will be automatically regarded as spam. For this not to occur, let unwilling email subscribers unsubscribe. 

Figure Out the Perfect Time

Figuring the perfect time to send emails can have dramatic changes to your email campaign rate. Some emails are only opened without being read as a result of when they are sent. You need to approximate the schedule of your email list so that you can find out the perfect time to send out an email. For example, if you create jokes for the working class, the appropriate time to send will be during a break or lunch session as they will be less focused on work. 

Fortunately, there is data that MailChimp collected and analyzed. The conclusion was that the best time of the day to send emails is 10 am. Moreover, weekdays are the best days to send your emails as they have high email open rates compared to weekends. It should be noted that these are general results for most companies. As such, you shouldn’t entirely base your strategy on them. Experiment and find out the most suitable time for your audience.

Make Your Subject Lines Stand Out

People are drawn to something when it catches their attention. Subject lines must have the power to trigger the interest of your subscriber. They must stand out and entice the curiosity of the reader. Speak the language that your email subscribers are familiar with. 

Personalized Message

The more personal the emails are, the closer the reader will feel towards you. When writing emails, do so as if you are communicating with one person. To do this more effectively, you need to understand your buyer persona. A buyer persona is a close estimate of your audience in terms of pains, likes, desires, and many other emotional and physical factors. Taking time to chat with your audience also helps you understand your customers even better. 

Write Like a Friend

By writing like a friend, you eliminate the tone of being a common nagging salesman, which, unfortunately, most people run away from. Writing like a friend makes your messages appealing, and the recipient is more likely to read than to move on. In this edge of overwhelming emails flooding inboxes, your emails must have a reason to be opened. By writing like a friend, you can provide that reason.

Write Amazing Content, Every Time

Curiosity is a wonderful tool for email marketing campaigns. If you make people curious on a regular basis, they will be likely to anticipate your content. How do you create that curiosity? By writing amazing content. It is crucial for a successful future campaign. Your email content must be informative, relatable to your email list, and unique to you. Deliver valuable content to keep your subscribers happy with the tips and tricks you share. Such an approach will create loyal email subscribers who are always waiting for your next mail, and, subsequently, your email open rates will increase.

Inject Some Humor

Humor is personal and entertaining. By making someone laugh, an instant connection is easily created. Laughing also helps one start reading your content with an open mind, and your message is easily comprehended. Also, it’s not advisable to throw every joke you find on the Internet. But look for those that relate to your content and audience. Communicating with your email list can help you understand what is humorous to them.

Don’t Forget Your Mobile Users

Whilst many people use their laptops or desktop computers to open their emails, a big percentage of smartphone users open mobile emails on their mobile devices. Make sure your email formatting is adjustable to suit smartphone users. For a better smartphone email experience, ensure the following:

  • The formatting is simple.
  • The large font is easily readable.
  • Smaller images are used to load faster.
  • The links are properly spaced to minimize clicking the wrong one.


Knowledge without action is useless. Apply the tips above, get leads, and experience increased business productivity. And feel free to drop us a line if you need any help with email marketing campaigns