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What is sales email tracking?

The sales industry is changing at the speed of light at the moment. The variety of fresh sales tools appear and give most salespeople extended control over the process. However, to be able to use those instruments to the fullest, you need to understand how they work, how to use them, and what potential drawbacks can occur in the area. Email marketing isn’t much of recent technology, yet ways of improving it are being added to the scene regularly. So, what do you know about popular email tracking strategies?

How essential is email tracking?

Some sales reps are still concerned about whether the sent emails reach the recipient. At times, the emails do get lost on the way. For a salesperson, it means that you’ll need to do the same task twice. With a number of emails to send out on a daily basis, the task is close to a challenge that may not pay off in the end. However, when you track your email, you know that it is delivered and if it is opened or not.

Surely, the sales business is all about generating as many potential leads as possible. The moment you see the open rates, you can define which part of the email may need enhancement and the variety of prospects to be reached out to first. With the implementation of email tracking software into the process, you can spot hot leads twice as fast. These are the core points that indicate the vitality of email tracking tools, yet there are many more. Before we proceed, you need to be aware of what the notion of email tracking stands for and how it works.

A brief introduction to email tracking

One of the core tasks of any sales team is to get leads. Thus, various outreach techniques are put to use, and one of them is sending emails. However, it is not enough to keep sending emails to potential leads. You need to be aware of how a prospect reacts to them. Email tracking tools allow it to see if the email or the attachment was opened and when. Aside from that, some email tracking software enables the team to evaluate the inbox placement rates, geo-based details and click-throughs. All this data is incredibly useful when it comes to lead generation and the overall sales process.

How does email tracking work?

When you know the ‘why’, you may want to know about the ‘how’. The specially designed email tracking software adds a peculiar image pixel to the emails sent from your email address. The mentioned image pixel is programmed to detect when the email was opened or clicked. Tracking an email is a basic strategy with a complex algorithm to it that most salespeople don’t understand. However, what matters is the fact that experienced salespeople can read the gathered data and put it to use.

What possibilities can tracking an email open?

At times, it remains unclear as to why you should invest in tools allowing you to track emails. There are three main reasons to evaluate when thinking about implementing the email tracking feature into the workflow. They are as follows:

1.    Saved time.

2.    Improved context understanding.

3.    Deep insight provision.

1.    The primary point of mail tracking is to save the team a lot of time so that they can carry out other vital tasks. For example, while tracking email opens, a sales rep can easily determine if the customer is interested in the service or not. In case the client doesn’t open the email, there’s little use of sending a follow-up letter and vice versa. Besides, if the manager notices that the email open rate is lower than needed, they can work on improving the outlook and the contents to enhance the rates and trigger user interest.

2.    High-quality email tracking tools are designed to provide more information than mere email open statistics. For instance, some software is precise enough to provide data on how many times the recipient reads the same email. Also, if a link is attached, the tools can detect if the prospect clicks a link. All this information is incredibly useful when it comes to business lead generation.

3.    Lastly, when you track sent emails, you can gather in-depth insight into whether the email reaches the recipient. During which time of the day there are the most real-time opens, which days are the most open-friendly, and so on.

Free email tracking software you can use today

With the importance of sales email tracking in mind, you may easily assume that the email tracking software is incredibly expensive. While there are prepaid email tracking tools, there is an excellent variety of those that are free of charge. Now that you know the main benefits of using email tracking software, let’s take a look at specific examples of how tracking emails can benefit your business.

Tracking an email with HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the sales vendors that offer email tracking for free. Aside from the possibility to track email opens, HubSpot email tracking allows it to see when an email is clicked or an attachment is downloaded. All the mentioned actions can be accessed through CRM, and you can also get a desktop notification so that you can keep the situation under control 24/7.

Mailtrack email tracking software

The program is a Chrome extension that can be easily integrated with the Gmail inbox. It is designed to show green checkmarks when an email open is spotted. You can turn on desktop notifications as well. Besides, there is no limit as to the email tracking amount.

Email tracking with Streak

Streak is yet another add-on that can be synced with Gmail. The main task of the add-on is to implement a sidebar that shows all the user activity, including email open times, geo-location, and view times. The tool enables you to sort the messages by bringing the recent views to the top.

Email click tracking with is one of the mail tracking services that claim they will never be prepaid. The main service that the email tracking software offers is the email open rate, the date when it was open, and which device was used for it.

Track email opens with Intelliverse

Another tracking email tool on the list is Intelliverse. It’s an email tracking Outlook plugin and Chrome extension in one. The software sends email opening notifications to your desktop and allows you to monitor when or where the recipient opens the email. The data on the device in use is also provided.

SalesHandy email tracking software

SalesHandy is a free tool but somehow limited since you can track the activity of only 15 of the most recent emails. The software is free for Gmail users, but there is an extended version that is prepaid, too.

Seeing email opened with Mailalert

Another Chrome extension on the list is Mailalert. The email tracking software is programmed to detect email open times and provide you with unbiased and free statistics on the tracking metrics. One of the peculiarities of the email tracking tool is the fact that it doesn’t attach any logos to the emails sent from you.


Just as a prospect visiting your website, the one who opens your sales email is of vital value to you. Email tracking strategies and principles are designed to help you grow and develop your business, so use them while so many free options are available!