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What is a thought leader?

What is a thought leader? How to become a thought leader? Examples of thought leaders? If you have been asking yourself these questions, continue reading below to find the answers.

A thought leader is someone who is a professional in a particular field proving their expertise through the ideas they express and the influence they create. In other words, it is someone who is trusted in their field of expertise. They bring original, innovative ideas that inspire people. 

These influencers know how to turn ideas and dreams into reality. As a result of their originality, they have dedicated fans and followers. A thought leader is someone who is not confined to the present situation. They see into the future and create systems and gadgets that disrupt the entire views of people and set a new course of doing things. 

Thought leader definition

Here’s a definition from Joel Kurtzman: A thought leader is an expert in their particular field who has a deep understanding of the business management of their respective area. They also have an immense understanding of the needs of their clients. A thought leader is someone who has a unique point of view and creates original ideas. Additionally, they are respected and recognized by their peers, customers, and business experts. Moreover, Wikipedia defines a thought leader as an individual or organization that is recognized as an authority of a particular field and whose expertise is sought after and usually rewarded. 

Thought leader examples 

Elon Musk

He is the CEO of 5 companies! The thought of a battery-powered vehicle has been around for some time with the creation of expensive, inefficient models. But through the Tesla car, Elon made a battery-powered car a reality. Space payload transportation is now easier and cheaper than before, all this thanks to the reusable space shuttles developed by SpaceX. Elon Musk demonstrates leadership marketing by engaging with his online followers on Twitter, making him one of the most influential people on this planet. His influence is unquestionable on social media as some of his tweets have affected the market price. 

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the thought leader examples who brought innovative products into the world through the Apple Company. The iPod and iPhone changed the course of music listening and the mobile phone business, respectively. He was a futuristic thought leader in information technology who believed in building things that people thought were unachievable. He inspired the “Think Different” advertisement campaign of Apple Company by saying that you have to be different to buy an Apple product. 

Industry thought leaders in marketing

Below are the respected thought leaders in the marketing industry. They have written some of the best books in this area, and most of their published content is often cited in online marketing articles. They have built great companies, which demonstrate the management and leadership marketing skills they possess. 

Evan Bailyn

He is the founder of First Page Sage, the largest SEO Company in the USA. His company is the go-to place when you want your website to be in the spotlight of the online world by appearing on the first page of Google search results. He believes in creating useful content. He is also one of the best B2B lead generation experts, which is crucial in this informative technological era to gain more clients. You can also get the best B2B lead generation - Belkins helps with the management of business leads.

Flavilla Fongang

She is the founder of 3 Colors Rule. Flavilla is a creative strategist and award-winning businesswoman. She is experienced in the information technology industry and an expert in direct advertising. Her three principles for brand growth systems are Distinguish, Attract, and Convert. Her thought leadership principles have enabled her to build the best advertising campaigns.

Seth Godin

Godin is a thought leader in marketing and the founder of the Akimbo podcast. Also, he is the author of bestselling books like “This is Marketing, You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See.” He has published 19 books, all in the marketing field. He provides advice on how to make your marketing effective and get people to believe in what you are selling. He believes that good marketing isn’t just about selling your products but solving the current problems. Godin also points out that marketers should be empathetic, address their clients’ pains, and work with them on an emotional level. 

How to make the most out of thought leadership

The current and departed leaders prove that anyone is capable of being a thought leader. It is of paramount importance to know that it is not an easy road, and it also takes proper time management. You need to find information and resources relating to your business field through studying and researching online for current trends. 

Thought leaders are revolutionary, and they know how to work with people to achieve clearly identified business goals. As such, a high degree of commitment and courage is required to shake the status quo and present a new way of doing things to your online followers, industry, or even the world. Below are the steps you need to follow to become a thought leader.

How to become a thought leader

  1. Find your field of expertise

It is the first thing you need to do on your way to becoming a thought leader. Search within yourself and find what you are good at. It must be something that you are passionate about and that clearly identifies your goals and outlook. After that, you need social media to find your audience: What they value and how to reach out using your expertise.

  1. Embed your content with your personality

When creating your personal brand for your audience, don't be plain. Provide detailed information about what has worked and failed for you. It will help you build a connection with your audience and establish you as a reliable and credible brand. You need to introduce your personal branding voice that people will recognize and connect with. Your branding is what makes you recognized and different from other people in the same business. 

  1. Don't concentrate on yourself

To embed your personality into your content doesn't translate to talking about yourself all the time. Self-promotion does not bring you the spotlight as a thought leader. It repels people. Being a thought leader is all about bringing value to your audience. Share your ideas and show them how the information can be helpful if applied to their lives. Think in terms of what the audience can gain from you. 

  1. Consistency

Producing good content once or twice after a while is not enough to be a thought leader. Consistency is one of the crucial qualities of a thought leader. You must always engage and interact with your audience. You have to create a scenario so that they will be anticipating your next content delivery. As such, you need to commit to your audience and release your content regularly. Leadership marketing means becoming a regular contributor of your resources to be in the spotlight. Consistency also implies sticking to your specific field of specialty. Therefore, release your content regularly and stick to your specific message. 

  1. Take advantage of all means of communication 

To captivate and build your audience, you need to create content of high quality. Whether it is an article, picture, or video, it must be pleasing to view, informative, and relating to your field. Take advantage of all social media platforms to share your resources and express your views. As a future thought leader, you need to establish your personal brand on every platform available. 


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