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How to generate B2B leads?

Many businesses are looking for new clients, but it is not that easy to attract the right audience to your website and identify suitable prospects. We’ve prepared an article to help you deeply understand the lead generation process and find out how to get top-notch B2B leads for your company

What Is B2B Lead Generation? 

What is B2B lead generation? It stands for business-to-business lead generation. A B2B company sells its products to other companies or businesses. It involves the collection of customer’s information such as name, company name, email address, and other relevant information for analytics. These are then used to craft personalized messages such as emails for advertising campaigns. 

When communication is initiated, they become B2B sales leads. Marketing automation is then used to nurture them until they are qualified leads that have a high probability of purchasing the company’s products. In short, B2B lead generation is the creation of a marketing funnel process that will turn prospects into B2B buyers.

What are the proven strategies to generate B2B leads?

Wonder how you can improve your business lead generation services within your company? Below are some of the strategies that you can utilize to effectively generate B2B sales leads.

Be a contributor to social media platforms


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, and here you are most likely to meet serious business people who have high chances of being converted into clients. Join groups that have a similar product or service delivery. By becoming a regular contributor to issues concerning your industry, you will be able to build relationships with members. 

The best way to do so is through posting well-researched content, which provides quality information that brings value to other members. As time goes on, you will be viewed as an expert in your current field, giving rise to high selling opportunities when you finally present your products.


Quora is a platform designed to make sharing of knowledge much easier. On this platform, users ask questions and get replies from different people, including industry experts from all over the world. You can sign up and then choose interests that align with your business services and products. 

On this platform, providing well-researched responses will result in you being the top responder as good answers are upvoted. As time goes on, you will have many followers if you prove that you are knowledgeable in your field, and you can then start to include your advertising campaigns.

Take note that on these platforms, you don’t immediately start to advertise your products. People will be repulsed by that kind of behavior. First, you need to become a regular contributor, building rapport with your audience and other members. Only then will you be able to successfully showcase your products to a welcoming audience, thus generating more quality leads.

Have a lead bot

A lead bot makes the collection of information and analytics much simpler. With this information, it is easier to pinpoint areas of interest where resources can be allocated to improve the effectiveness of lead generation sales. 

Moreover, you must install lead bots on pages where there is more traffic or user interaction. A lead bot will be able to engage with multiple people at the same time. It makes customer care service much easier as users will instantly get answers to their questions. Unique questions will be transferred to a live chat with a representative where people will be able to get even more clarification. Another crucial factor when installing lead bots is to ensure that the language being used is friendly and engaging, thus promoting conversation to flow naturally. You can find out more on how to generate B2B leads with Belkins.

Customer reviews 

The online world makes business much better if you have a trusted brand. With many numerous companies being created online, the competition is tough. Therefore, for consumers to trust your brand, you must have reviews on review sites like Trustpilot

To understand the power of customer reviews, case studies have shown that more than 93% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. After delivering an outstanding product or service to a customer, don’t forget to remind them to leave a review about your products or services. Other sites where you can have your products reviewed include Caperra and G2. 

A strong presence in the review sites is one of the best lead drivers for your business. This is so because some potential customers search for the best-reviewed products and then visit the site. A good review rating is a marketing strategy on its own and is very much capable of placing your business on top of the competition and bringing in more leads.

How to reach out to leads?

B2B lead generation tools and processes have become dynamic. Thus, you need to be currently updated with everything in your industry so that you can maximize and capitalize on the arising opportunities. When searching for a product, most companies assess the quality of the content and estimate whether it will be productive to their business. Researching and creating detailed quality information are some of the best ways to reach out to leads.

  1. Produce value first

Most people don't like to be forced into buying products or services. You need to first present value to the processes of your customers. It is done by focusing on and assessing their needs. By showing expertise in your line of work, leads will trust your judgments, and, as a result, your solutions to their needs will be more appealing to them. Research on the pain points of your customers and produce something to address them.

  1. Be trustworthy

Before buying a product, people “buy” the personality first. Therefore, in all your interactions, be friendly and sincere. Also, in conversations, it’s always best to be a good listener so that you can respond correctly to their concerns. Avoid making the conversation all about making a sale. After being perceived as an expert, leads will inquire more about your products and eventually become potential customers. 

How to optimize your B2B sales leads search?

To optimize your B2B sales leads search, you need to have a strong online presence. How is it achieved? It can be done by ensuring that your site appears on the first page of a Google search when people are looking for your products as it will ensure maximum visibility for you. To further improve B2B lead search, you will need to find a profitable business-to-business lead generation for your company.

  • One of the most efficient ways to boost your online presence is to improve your business lead generation services through SEO techniques. It ensures that people are quick to locate your services. Users usually view the first results that appear on Google. Thus, ranking at the top increases B2B lead search.
  • Have a plan to have paid ads on social platforms. It will increase your visibility and draw more B2B leads to your site. Also, when implementing this strategy, you must research keyword search volume and search intent for most of your targets so that it is effective in attracting the right leads. Otherwise, it can become an expensive endeavor with poor results.

Why is it important to hire a lead generation agency?

The process of increasing B2B lead generation sales through the relevant tools is more complex than what most articles tend to put across. With various tactics and strategies at your disposal, you have sales optimization and, in turn, make your business more profitable. Just because most of these tactics have been implemented successfully by the companies advertising them, it does not mean that they will bring the same results to your business. 

Another factor overlooked by companies with little expertise in B2B lead generation is that most of the advertised strategies are implemented by the already established clientele base, which sometimes covers the inefficiencies of their strategies. The process of lead generation sales is a complex procedure that needs consideration of many factors, such as the targeted persona for your products, the quality of your products, the in-house processes that facilitate service delivery, to name just a few. 

Some of the challenges faced by the marketing team when performing lead generation include the following:

  • Going through an endless list of potential B2B buyers, but most of them are only visitors making the process of targeting quality B2B sales leads more difficult.
  • Having to present top-quality information about your products to counter the ever-increasing competition.
  • Multiple suggestions regarding the best way to conduct lead generation sometimes become confusing provided that most of them conflict with each other. In the end, the wrong solution is implemented, resulting in poor outcomes.

Business lead generation services

Truthfully, there isn’t a single B2B lead generation tool or strategy, which is the ultimate solution. As a company, your marketing team needs to deeply understand your company procedures inside out. After that, you develop a strategy that will be unique to your company and in line with your organization, products, services, and your targeted clients.

All this can take a long time to implement, especially if you have inexperienced staff. That’s when a lead generation agency comes in. The agencies are a team of experts in their respective fields, and they work with the marketing team to design personalized advertising campaigns best suited for your company. Finding the best B2B lead generation agency becomes your number one priority. The personalized strategy will enable your business to generate more clicks, increase conversion rates, sales optimization, and many other benefits. 

How do B2B lead generation companies work?

Below are some of the major tasks that B2B lead generation companies perform to enhance the work of their SDR department. How do they do it, exactly?

  1. Help to build an outstanding brand image. It is done by identifying your target audience, creating an ideal persona for your products that matches the brand image. A good brand image is capable of increasing customer trust, which will ultimately result in increased lead generation and lead conversion. Moreover, with a good brand, you can face the competition without any fear.
  2. Content creation of consistent quality. It is one of the most essential and challenging processes in lead generation. Unfortunately for most businesses, this aspect is often overlooked. A lead generation agency will be responsible for planning, writing, researching, and providing quality content that will best describe your products and services to your clients. Moreover, the agency will ensure that the content creation is consistent - otherwise, how do you make your brand easily recognizable? You can utilize the services of B2B lead generation companies such as Belkins to help your sales reps work more efficiently. 

How to convert B2B leads into customers?

When someone interacts with your site through a web form or via downloading a whitepaper, that person becomes a lead. The next step is to follow up. For most companies, the follow-up is slow. It usually results in bigger competitors taking advantage of that. 

One of the MIT case studies reports found out that website leads go cold within 90 minutes. Therefore, a quick follow-up is essential to keep the lead interested and, ultimately, increase the chances of conversion to a B2B buyer. Some of the ways of converting a lead into a paying customer include:

  • Quick handling of leads as soon as they access your platform through the use of customer service software. The level of lead interest is reduced drastically after one hour. As such, waiting too long will result in a missed opportunity of converting a B2B lead into a customer.
  • Keep your leads warm. It can be done by asking them if they want to be added to your mailing list so that they can receive all your release information instantly. Another essential thing to increase the effectiveness of your emails is to personalize the email content to relate to your leads. Keeping them informed shows that you care, and when they are ready to make a purchase, they will come back to you.
  • Have a sales pipeline that monitors the lead stages. It enables you to perform appropriate actions as you nurture the leads along the sales process to become customers. 


More customers are required for a business to grow. In this competitive business era, it is essential that you know if a site visitor will want your products in the future. By knowing this, you can nurture them into knowing your product so that when the need arises, you will be their first option. 

This guide is armed with information to take your business to another level. If you want to hire experts to take care of all this, Belkins team can bring you lots of business leads as we’re oriented on customer success and interested in bringing more sales. Therefore, drop us a line if you want a rapid increase in B2B business leads.