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Account Representative

The account representative job description explains this position as the primary connecting link between a customer and a company. During a collaboration with a particular company, customers may face numerous concerns. It is vital that all these concerns are communicated effectively between a customer and a company. This is what can help ensure customer satisfaction and retention. And this is the core mission of an account representative.

Typically, an account rep job description emphasizes the following responsibilities:

  • Knowing and keeping track of current accounts.
  • Being the primary point of contact for assigned clients.
  • Keeping track of corporate communication channels (i.e. on-site messages, email, etc.) to respond to customers’ queries promptly.
  • Addressing all concerns or complaints customers may have.
  • Handling paperwork (i.e. invoices, orders, and so on).
  • Creating new customer accounts, which may imply finding prospect clients, making presentations (email, cold-calling, etc.), and closing sales deals.
  • Presenting additional or new products and services to current customers.
  • Analyzing and reporting on current account status and B2B sales leads activity.

In a nutshell, an account representative may perform a whole range of roles and tasks, including taking calls, resolving clients’ concerns, and otherwise ensure that all customers’ queries are addressed properly. But, at the same time, account reps are also expected to contribute to creating new client accounts (i.e. closing deals). These are the core duties of an account representative.

Nevertheless, the specific responsibilities vary depending on the company, its objectives and values, and the field of activity.

Account representative salary in the US 2022

Account representative salary in the US 2022