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Business Development Representative Job Description: What’s in the role?

As the definition goes, a business development representative (BDR) is in charge of growing their company and finding excellent opportunities for development. But what exactly does this mean?

Some companies get their BDRs to look for new markets and new partners. Others conceptualize business development as looking for sales opportunities, as well as for new leads who perfectly match the Ideal Customer Profile.

In this piece, we’ll examine what is usually included in a business development representative job description. Let’s look closer at this role.

What is a business development representative or BDR?

Business development reps are in charge of generating qualified prospects via various outbound sales approaches. These include social media outreach, cold calling, cold emailing, and the like.

The key point is, this area of expertise is not about sales per se. BDRs seek leads for business, but they don’t close deals.

Instead, BDRs help sales teams find new business opportunities by researching potential customers, reaching out and engaging with leads, and, in some cases, qualifying leads before passing them over to the experts who close deals.

What does a business development representative do most of the time?

Basically, the scope of business development representative responsibilities is generating demand, prospecting, and setting appointments. Whether they get lead data from growth hackers or they do lead searches on their own, BDRs are usually the first ones to contact prospects. 

With an aim to generate new business opportunities, responsibilities for the BDR role include:

  • Reaching out to leads via email, cold calling, and LinkedIn outreach.
  • Talking about the product and services with leads.
  • Looking up leads online to personalize outreach.
  • Nurturing leads by identifying their pain points and needs and suggesting solutions.
  • Scoring and qualifying leads.
  • Booking top-notch appointments for sales executives.
  • Using automation software to facilitate the entire lead generation process.
  • Meeting sales quotas weekly/monthly/quarterly.

Business development representative skills: What’s hot and what’s not?

Working at the intersection of marketing and sales, BDRs will make use of three major groups of skills.

Marketing skills are necessary for doing B2B lead generation via email and social selling. BDRs have to know how prospecting on social media and across the Internet works, how to raise brand awareness, and how to set up paid search campaigns. Using the right keywords in email copy is also part of the marketing strategy required to be successful in the BDR role.

Sales skills are required for BDRs, even though they are much more focused on building relationships with potential clients (rather than selling). To perform well, BDRs should know the product they promote to leads and be able to follow up on their proposals.

Communication skills are a must for all sales professionals. Doing cold email outreach demands superb writing skills, doing cold calling is impossible without solid speaking skills, and creating a high-quality follow-up demands active listening. Thus, BDRs cannot do their job perfectly without advanced communication and negotiation skills.

Business representatives vs. sales representatives: What’s the difference between the two roles?

The skills, responsibilities, and even job descriptions for BDRs look very much like the ones for sales reps. Why so? Indeed, there are many overlaps between BDRs and SDRs. Ideally, both roles work with the sales funnel but approach it from different ends. Business developers fill in its top with selected prospects while sales reps play demos and close deals at the end of the funnel.

The question is: Who is in the middle? Who follows up on the leads after cold emails are sent, and cold calls are made? In some agencies, business development representatives are engaged in the entire lead generation cycle, ending with booking appointments. Other organizations see following up and nurturing as part of sales reps’ responsibilities. Ultimately, it is up to the revenue team to agree on who does what.   

Thinking about a sales role?

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