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Business Development Representative

A business development representative plays a critical role in every business. It is the business development team that is at the forefront of the whole sales process and every business development representative is an integral element of this large mechanism. Basically, the business development team is in charge of defining new opportunities and using them to drive a company’s growth. When potential customers enter the sales funnel, they are first handled by this team.

In a team, a business development representative is in charge of qualifying leads and generating new business opportunities. This role also implies prospecting through existing accounts to find potential clients and engage with them.

Here are some of the key takeaways from a standard business development representative job description explaining the main responsibilities of this role: 

  • Qualifying leads
  • Sending emails, making cold calls, and otherwise engaging with prospective customers
  • Presenting a company to prospective buyers
  • Defining customers’ needs and offering relevant services or products
  • Personalizing a company’s proposals to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Proactively searching for new business opportunities
  • Establishing trusted long-term relationships with prospects
  • Appointment Setting and calls between potential clients and account executives

These are the primary responsibilities of every business development representative. The end goal for them is to make effective sales appointments that will result in a closed deal. However, worth noting that they are not responsible for closing deals. The performance of a business development representative is typically measured by the number of booked appointments that eventually turn into real deals. Yet, closing a deal is the function of an Account Executive.

Business development representative salary in the US 2021

business development representative salary in the US 2020
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