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Chief Revenue Officer

A chief revenue officer (also referred to as CRO) is a specialist who is in charge of everything that brings a company revenue, which includes all sales, pricing, marketing, customer support, corporate development, and revenue management functions. As a rule, a CRO is a part of the organization’s top management team. In a nutshell, the key role of a chief revenue officer is to ensure better alignment and integration of all processes and strategies that generate revenue for a company. The ultimate goal of a CRO is to ensure the company and its shareholders get a maximum return.

Typically, a chief revenue officer job description implies the following duties: 

  • Delineating a company’s ideal buyer persona
  • Defining the most suitable markets and market segments
  • Managing and coordinating all company’s activities that generate revenue
  • Supervising existing sales channels and partnerships, and adding new ones
  • Developing and improving the company’s propositions
  • Participating in strategic and business unit planning and prospecting
  • Developing comprehensive revenue projections
  • Participating in contract negotiations

A CRO is quite an all-around position that directly affects the future success of a company. Therefore, a CRO plays a critical role in any organization and the demands for these specialists are very high as well. A great chief revenue officer must have vast experience in scaling revenues, be able to manage large sales teams, be well-versed in cross-channel marketing and advertising, and have excellent communication skills.

Chief revenue officer salary in the US 2021

chief revenue officer salary
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