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Director of Business Development

As can be understood from the name, a director of business development is one of the key driving forces of every business. According to a typical director of the business development job description, this role is very multilayered. Basically, a specialist in this role is responsible for managing all operations aimed at driving business growth. The key duties include identifying new opportunities, expanding the brand’s visibility, and developing strategies that will contribute to further growth and increase of the company’s revenue.

The role of a director of business development is all-encompassing. Although the key responsibilities may seem quite clear, these specialists have to handle a variety of other tasks. As a rule, a standard director of business development job description may include the following responsibilities:

  • Establishing, planning, and maintaining overall policies for a business development department
  • Defining the key objectives of the development department and ensure their alignment
  • Managing sales and marketing functions
  • Managing customer relationship activities
  • Tracking and analyzing emerging trends, new markets, and prospect needs to generate new services and products ideas
  • Recognizing new business opportunities (e.g. penetration to new markets)
  • Suggesting and building strategic partnerships
  • Coordinating the implementation of business plans
  • Building long-term strategies for increasing the company’s profit and stimulate business growth

As a rule, this position implies reporting to top management and collaborating with different departments to ensure that company goals are aligned within all teams. Such roles require as a minimum a BA degree in Marketing or Public Relations and 7 years or more of relevant experience.

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