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Director of Sales and Marketing

According to a director of sales and marketing job descriptions, this specialist’s key role is to shape and coordinate a company’s sales and marketing activities. A director of sales and marketing is someone who is in charge of developing effective email marketing B2B lead generation and strategic sales objectives.

These specialists are responsible for assigning specific sales territories to salespeople, set sales quotas, managing sales activities, B2B sales leads and budgets, and evaluating the performance of the sales force. At the same time, directors of sales and marketing are also in charge of developing effective marketing programs and creating the necessary marketing materials.

As a rule, a director of sales and marketing job description includes the following duties and tasks: 

  • Developing and implementing sales and marketing initiatives and strategies.
  • Developing sales channels.
  • Directing product line.
  • Coordinating sales efforts.
  • Making sure the sales force is achieving set targets.
  • Supporting salespeople and helping them succeed and close more deals.
  • Creating presentations, shaping special accounts, and following up on sales leads.
  • Being a company’s representative at meetings, trade shows, and special events to promote its products and services.
  • Helping a sales team to define prospects’ needs, set pricing and discount.
  • Planning, scheduling, and implementing annual sales meetings.
  • Building and maintaining professional and friendly relations in the team.
  • Providing event support.

As a rule, the role of sales and marketing director requires candidates to have at least a Bachelor’s degree and 7-10 years of experience in marketing and sales. These specialists usually report directly to a company’s top management. 

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