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Director of Sales

According to a director of sales job description, this is a leadership position in a sales team that implies managing and overseeing the key sales functions. In a nutshell, a director of sales is there to manage and supervise the work of the whole team to ensure that all departments engaged in a company’s sales activities work uniformly and effectively towards the shared goals.

The main goal of a director of sales is to ensure the high productivity of a company’s sales force. This role is inclusive of setting quota, planning, managing, reporting, optimizing the sales process, and many other duties. In addition, this job implies recruiting and training sales talents. A director of sales reports directly to the top management, including the Chief Sales Officer and a company’s stakeholders.

Typically, a sales director job description includes the following responsibilities: 

  • Being a leader and supervising the work of different departments in sales.
  • Overseeing the activities of a sales team.
  • Coordinating budgeting, sales forecasting, and planning processes.
  • Finding effective ways to optimize the sales process.
  • Setting sales objectives and quotas, and ensuring they are met timely.
  • Arranging and coordinating staff training to optimize the performance of the sales team.
  • Supporting members of the sales force, assisting them in the performance of their tasks, stimulating the constant improvement of the team member’s professional skills, etc.
  • Ensuring that the efforts of different sales departments are aligned.
  • Monitoring the market, competitive and consumer environment.
  • Analyzing the performance of the sales force and shaping strategies to ensure the team’s success.
  • Finding new sales opportunities.

The role of a sales director requires a minimum of a Master’s degree in Finance, Sales, Economics, Marketing, Business, or other related fields. Also, to lend this job, candidates are typically required to have at least 10 years of experience in a senior role in sales.

Finally, a good director of sales should demonstrate an excellent understanding of business practices and sales operations and have outstanding leadership skills.

Director of sales salary 2021

Director of sales salary
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