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Head of Sales

The head of sales or a director of sales is the primary leadership role in the sales department. Typically, the head of sales job description specifies overseeing all sales activities, monitoring and analyzing the performance of a sales team, and leading a company’s sales department as the key roles in this position.

Simply put, the head of sales is someone who is in charge of everything that drives business and revenue to a company. A person in this role is expected to define the core KPIs and goals of a sales team. Some other duties include analyzing market behavior, customer patterns, and building effective action strategies to optimize sales performance.

This job is very data-driven. Therefore, to succeed in this role, one must have a deep understanding of the customers’ needs, market, and competitive environment, and being able to analyze all this data to leverage it for boosting the outcomes of sales activities.

As a rule, a director of sales job description encompasses the following core duties: 

  • Creating, developing, and coordinating the implementation of data-driven action strategies aimed at developing business and achieving sales targets.
  • Defining the KPIs and sales targets for all members of a company’s sales department;
  • Forecasting sales and developing sales plans.
  • Creating reports on sales targets and KPIs for upper management (for further use of this data for budget setting, organizational planning, strategic planning, and financial forecasting).
  • Collaborating with a variety of departments (including marketing, engineering, and product teams).
  • Building and developing relationships with a company’s key clients and fostering high-value partnerships.
  • Closing the largest deals.

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