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Inside Sales Representative

A typical inside sales job description explains a representative’s role as a fundamental element for achieving the key business goals. An inside sales representative is in charge of attaining a company’s revenue growth and customer acquisition goals.

In a nutshell, inside sales representatives’ main function is communication with customers, both existing and prospecting. This role implies being a link between a company and its customers. Some of the key duties include defining the needs of clients and supplying them with solutions that meet those needs. At the same time, inside sales representatives are responsible for finding new prospects and leads, often through cold calling.

To get a better insight into this role, let’s look at the key responsibilities typically listed in an inside sales job description: 

  • Understanding what a company’s potential buyers need.
  • Generating new sales opportunities through making cold calls, sending emails, implementing lead follow-up, etc.
  • Directing qualified business leads to the right sales executives for further closure of deals.
  • Selling a company’s products or services (often, representatives have predefined sales quotas that need to be achieved).
  • Generating interest in a company among potential and existing customers.
  • Maintaining a database of potential customers within an assigned sales territory and expanding it.
  • Implementing effective presentations to potential customers.
  • Establishing long-term relationships with channel partners and collaborating with them to build pipeline and close deals.

What are the key requirements for candidates for this position?

Unlike many other positions in sales, to become an inside sales representative one is not required to have any special education. Even a person without a high school diploma can lend a job, though high school graduates are often preferred more. Yet, there is a range of requirements that have to be met, including excellent communication and customer service skills, flexibility, ability to work under pressure, and resilience. At the same time, inside sales representatives must feel comfortable making lots of calls (including the cold ones) and have excellent knowledge of a company’s products and services.

Inside sales representative salary in the US 2022

Inside sales representative salary in the US