Outside Sales Representative Job Description

Apart from inside sales representatives, there are also outside sales representatives. In a nutshell, both groups play a huge role in the success of a company, as they are responsible for customer acquisition and bringing in business for a company. However, an inside and outside sales representative are two very different positions.

Outside sales differ from the inside ones as they require sales personnel to be physically active in the field (i.e. outside the office setting). Unlike inside sales representatives who must be comfortable with making lots of calls, outside sales representatives work autonomously outside the office. This role implies lots of traveling and face-to-face meetings with prospective and existing customers.

Despite the difference in daily routine, the key objectives for both groups are similar. Thus, an outside sales representative also serves as a contact point between a company and its customers. They are responsible for attaining a company’s customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives. An outside sales representative is expected to establish contact with existing clients, follow-up on leads, seek new business opportunities, monitor emerging markets and trends, and use this data to develop plans for expanding a company’s revenue. Apart from this, other responsibilities typically listed in an outside sales representative job description are as follows:
  • Arranging calls and meeting with prospects and customers

  • Traveling within the assigned sales territory for face-to-face meetings with existing customers and prospects

  • Building trusted long-term relationships with existing customers

  • Developing relationships with potential customers

  • Monitoring emerging trends to understand the needs of a company’s potential customers

  • Providing hands-on explanations about a company’s new products or services to prospects and clients

  • Selling a company’s products or services within the assigned sales territory  

Outside sales representative salary in the US 2020

Outside sales representative salary in the US 2020
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