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According to an account manager job description, an account manager is someone responsible for managing and maintaining relationships with certain customers. Typically, account managers are not responsible for the day-to-day running and management of a company’s accounts. However, they are in charge of maintaining positive relationships between a company and its existing customers to secure future business.

As a rule, account managers are assigned to a number of specific accounts. Each account manager will typically remain with the same customers throughout the whole time of the customer’s stay with a company. The key goal of an account manager is to establish trusted long-term relationships with assigned customers, understand their needs, find the ways to meet those demands, and, as a result, bring new business leads to a company.

In a nutshell, sales account managers are expected to develop long-term relationships with customers, ensure satisfaction, and overseeing sales. They are also responsible for addressing clients’ needs and requests, responding to their queries in a timely manner, and delivering top-notch customer experience.

Candidates for this role must possess excellent negotiation and communication skills. They need to be proactive and customer-oriented and have a deep understanding of what a company’s prospects are looking for. Eventually, the performance of a sales account manager should facilitate business growth by establishing successful customer relationships.

Usually, a standard sales account manager job description includes the following duties: 

  • Managing the assigned customer accounts.
  • Establishing, developing, and maintaining positive relationships with a company’s prospecting list.
  • Acting as the main point of contact to address and handle clients’ needs and demands.
  • Driving new business to a company through existing and potential client networks.
  • Responding to customers’ queries, handling conflicts, and offering timely solutions to keep the customer satisfaction level high.
  • Monitoring and coordinating the work of account reps to make sure that sales volumes go up.
  • Reporting on the status of accounts.
  • Setting clear targets for sales accounts that align with a company’s overall goals and make sure those are met.
  • Tracking B2B outside sales metrics.
  • Identifying growth opportunities and suggesting ways to enhance the performance of a sales team.

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