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Sales Associate

In a nutshell, a sales associate is the direct link connecting a company to its clients. The key duty of a sales associate is to sell a company’s products and services to end buyers. The range of services and goods sales associates may be dealing with can vary from household items and clothes to pretty much anything including electrical appliances. This position may imply working online or in a physical store.

A sales associate role should not be confused with a sales representative. Unlike sales representatives who most often specialize in the B2B sector, a sales associate is typically responsible for B2C sales. Sales associates are selling products directly to end buyers.

Apart from encouraging a company’s customers to buy its products or services, a sales associate may also perform the role of a consultant. If a customer needs advice before making a purchase, it is a sales associate’s duty to inform him about a specific product. Therefore, sales associates play a critical role in creating a positive shopping experience for buyers.

Typically, a sales associate job description specifies the following responsibilities: 

  • Selling a company’s products and services directly to customers
  • Ensuring a positive shopping experience and a high level of customer satisfaction by delivering top-notch service
  • Informing customers about a company’s products and guiding them
  • Welcome customers and proactively seek them out in a store
  • Cross-selling products

Often, a sales associate position does not require special education. Many specialists in this role only hold a high school diploma or equivalent. Usually, a company would provide on-site training for this job. However, to lend this job, it is vital to have strong interpersonal and communication skills, deep knowledge of a company’s products and services, and a customer-centered mindset. The further career ladder for this role leads to supervisory roles within the sales department.

Sales associate salary in the US 2021

Sales associate salary in the US 2020
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