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According to a standard sales consultant job description, a sales consultant is someone who is in charge of delivering knowledge about a company’s products or services to clients and sell them. As a rule, a sales consultant should proactively seek out potential clients that meet their company’s idea of an ideal buyer persona and inform them about the offered products.

Sales consultants typically meet prospects either at the company’s office or travel to a client’s location. Depending on the company, sales consultants may be dealing with all prospects or be assigned to a specific sales territory.

The key role of a sales consultant is to present a product or service, explain its features, and encourage a prospect to make a purchase by emphasizing the benefits of using a particular product. When necessary, sales consultants may also provide training to show prospects hor to use a company’s products or services. The range of services and products these specialists may be dealing with is quite extensive — from software to electronic or home appliances.

The main responsibilities of a sales consultant are: 

  • Finding potential clients through cold calling, lead research, and networking to drive sales.
  • Presenting a company’s products or services to potential buyers.
  • Recommending customers specific products based on their specific needs and wishes.
  • Educating prospects about the products, explaining their features and benefits, and showing how to use them when necessary.
  • Communicating with potential buyers via email, phone, or during a face-to-face meeting.
  • Establishing positive relationships with existing and potential clients and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Depending on the scale of business, type of role, and a company’s policies, having a college degree may not be required to lend this job. Often, you can start a career as a sales consultant having a high school diploma.

Typically, the employers will provide the necessary on-site training for this role. After a few years of experience, sales consultants may move up the career ladder to managerial roles.

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