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Sales Coordinator Job Description

Confused about Sales Department Roles? Meet the Sales Coordinator Job Description

In B2B sales, expertise is critical. But what is considered sales experience necessary for the Sales Coordinator role? Recruiters usually start considering applicants for this position when they have 2+ years of experience in sales. That’s because candidates need these essential skills to deal with the routine sales coordinator duties successfully. 

Requirements for Your Sales Coordinator’s Experience

Crafting engaging pitches, explaining the value proposition, helping solve business problems, managing objectives, and following up on inactive leads help the sales coordinating manager be effective. But having positive customer relations is even more critical for this position. That’s because this role assumes building rapport with existing and potential buyers and understanding their needs, so work experience in customer service is also welcomed.

And finally, coordinating sales is a managerial task. So, 2+ years in business administration or relevant spheres will help make decisions, manage budgets, assess performance, communicate failures, and motivate people. This way, a sales coordinator needs to have working experience as a sales agent, purchasing manager, sales development representative, and other relevant positions. 

And it’s a good idea to ask your ex-managers for a job reference, meaning you need to ensure your previous employers will be ready to share some results of your work. 

Examples of Sales Coordinator Job Descriptions 

Each sales coordinator’s resume may differ due to the nature of the business. This process requires supervision, whichever product or service you sell. Whether your company belongs to advertising, technology, real estate, hospitality, marketing, or any other sector, it’ll need a coordinating specialist. 

Sales coordinator salary in the US 

This person will deal with administrative, organizational, communicational, and managerial sales-related tasks. Payrolls of these experts vary too; however, the average sales coordinator salary in the US is $73,942 per year.

Sales coordinator salary in the US

And now, let’s check a typical resume a sales coordinator can have, provided each specialist has a high school diploma and a bachelor's degree in the relevant subject. 

Hotel sales coordinator job description

Many hotels don’t just offer suits; they offer meeting rooms for rent, arrange corporate banquets, provide spa services, offer gym facilities, and host various events. The task of a sales coordinator here is to orchestrate all these revenue-generating activities and be there to assist clients along their customer journey. So the typical responsibilities of a hotel sales coordinator are:

  • Coordinate marketing and sales teams; 
  • Monitor competitors;
  • Help create value-based offers and send them to leads;
  • Communicate potential and existing customers with relevant promotions and discounts;
  • Upload the customers’ data in the CRM and update it regularly;
  • Assist sales specialists in running events and conferences;
  • Grow brand awareness through cold calls and emails;
  • Learn customers’ behavior and personalize offers; 
  • Build loyalty programs;
  • Define relevant KPIs for the salespeople and assess their performance; 
  • Generate sales reports and forecasts; 
  • Allocate sales budget and report on that;
  • Optimize sales activities with tech tools;
  • Utilize customer service skills to assist clients daily. 

Sales & marketing coordinator job description

The specialist orchestrating sales and marketing teams needs to know the ideal customer profile and understand customer needs at every sales funnel stage. Candidates for this position have to monitor marketing automation tools, sales instruments, and AI-powered software to add them to the tech stack. Also, they’ll need to track the critical activities of the competitors and industry leaders. 

In addition, such professional has to come up with cost-effective solutions. For example, consider outsourcing appointment setting services from top-rated companies like Belkins. Or motivate executives to commit funds for growing email deliverability. The person coordinating sales and marketing efforts should possess good leadership skills as aligning these two teams is challenging. Below are several responsibilities of this role:

  1. Answering customers’ questions about the purchased products or services; 
  2. Monitoring market trends and identifying sales opportunities; 
  3. Working out the sales strategy; 
  4. Crafting engaging email copies, using written communication skills;
  5. Helping sales agents qualify leads, develop scripts, make value-based offers, and schedule meetings; 
  6. Analyzing ad campaigns of competitors and launching own ones;
  7. Delivering reports with key metrics to help managers make data-driven decisions; 
  8. Aligning the marketing and sales activities; 
  9. Building customers base; 
  10. Setting targets and analyzing the shift between planned and actual numbers; 
  11. Work out effective inbound and outbound marketing and sales campaigns.

Samples of Job Descriptions for Similar Positions

Since each company has its specific organizational structure, employees possessing other relevant roles can also fulfill the sales coordinator duties. These can be sales managers, heads of sales departments, sales representatives, and other senior management team members. Below is the list of responsibilities for these three positions.

Sales manager duties  Head of sales responsibilities Sales support manager tasks
  • Hiring and onboarding new sales team members;
  • Training sales specialists and improving their performance; 
  • Setting targets and achieving sales goals;
  • Managing schedules of salespeople; 
  • Optimizing workflows that drive sales;
  • Maintaining positive customer relations;
  • Staying aware of the sales trends
  • Monitoring routine sales activities; 
  • Preparing sales forecasts and aligning them with the sales budget;
  • Supporting good customer relationships;
  • Creating sales presentations with key statistics for top managers;
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Setting KPIs to sales personnel; 
  • Monitoring and analyzing industry trends; 
  • Capturing behavioral patterns of existing and potential customers;
  • Ensuring that sales agents are equipped with advanced tools;
  • Looking for ways to optimize the workload of sales agents; 
  • Getting feedback about personnel’s satisfaction;
  • Delivering reports with the key sales metrics to C-level executives;
  • Working out the sales strategy;
  • Ensuring high customer satisfaction;
  • Incorporating work culture by setting values and vision.
  • Schedulingmeetings with leads;
  • Keeping organized sales records updated in databases;
  • Administrating sales and marketing activities;
  • Responding to customer claims;
  • Aligning the sales team’s goals with a company objectives;
  • Monitoring of current sales numbers against target revenues;
  • Ensuring that clients are satisfied with a company’s services;
  • Interpreting business goals into the set of tasks for sales agents;
  • Collaborating with account managers to create sales strategies;
  • Adapting sales techniques to new approaches arising in the fast-paced environment.


  • Who reports to a sales coordinator?

Sales representatives. Sales coordinators must ensure that the sales staff meets the targeted metrics and works ethically following legal requirements. This manager regularly arranges team meetings to update the achievements, listens to issues and problems the sales reps face, and sets new tasks. 

  • What are the types of sales coordinators? 

Since there are two types of sales (inside and outside), companies can hire a sales support coordinator for each approach to the sales activities. This way, the inside sales coordinator can monitor the work of remote salespeople, while the outside selling coordinator will manage the face-to-face sales activities. But nowadays, the differences between these sales types are minor due to the similar tools used, so you probably won’t come across various types of sales coordinators.

  • Which environments do sales coordinators work in?

Sales Coordinators closely cooperate with the sales department, training and motivating its reps, fulfilling the administrative tasks, and monitoring other sales activities. Also, sales coordinating specialists must deal with urgent orders if all the salespeople are busy and manage the most complicated customer queries. So coordinators work with CRMs and task management tools, send emails, answer calls, and ensure all orders are processed in time. 

  • What are the traits of an effective sales coordinator?

Since this is one of the leading sales positions, a good sales coordinator is an inspirer who constantly motivates the team to achieve the sales targets. Excellent communication skills let this person resolve various concerns among the team members and be the company’s voice for existing and potential clients.