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Sales Enablement

In a nutshell, a typical sales enablement job description defines this specialist as someone who delivers the necessary tools, content, training, process, and shares best practices to support the sales force and ensure they are successful in their day-to-day activities. This role implies collaborating closely with a company’s sales and marketing teams, as well as with partners and key stakeholders with a goal to increase the productivity and success of sales operations.

Simply put, the key mission of a sales enablement specialist is to support and empower a sales team to reach a company’s objectives. Although the definition of this job may sound pretty straightforward, this position may include a wide range of different initiatives and duties. Some of the key responsibilities of the sales enablement role encompass creating training content for new sales talents, coaching, planning sales kickoff, and many other duties.

As a rule, a sales enablement job description may also include the following responsibilities: 

  • Planning, coordinating, and deployment of the necessary training;
  • Sharing the information about the key techniques, practices, and tools that can support the work of the sales team;
  • Supporting product and service launches by helping the team to understand a company’s solutions and sell them;
  • Taking responsibilities for learning programs for sales;
  • Monitoring and analyzing the usage of sales enablement content and courseware;
  • Providing the necessary support during the buying and selling processes at all stages;
  • Developing and managing sales enablement projects and activities.

Typically, this role requires candidates to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Business or related fields. Also, employers may require prior experience in sales training or sales enablement. As for the skills, to be a successful sales enablement specialist, one must possess strong communication, negotiation, time management, conflict resolution, and multi-tasking skills.

Sales enablement specialist salary in the US 2021

Sales enablement specialist salary in the US 2020
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