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A sales executive is one of the key personas in every business. It is a sales executive, who drives a business forward and helps it thrive by generating sales. A typical sales executive job description explains the role of this specialist as someone in charge of the overall sales strategy and functions within an organization. However, there is much more to it.

A sales executive is expected to set up an effective sales strategy, implement, and coordinate it. Also, this role includes finding new leads and potential customers and converting them into actual buyers. Simply put, the key mission of every sales executive is to sell a company’s services and products to customers.

Depending on the scale of a company and the industry where it operates, a sales executive may be responsible for domestic (within the country’s borders) or international sales. Also, there are two different categories of sales that imply different responsibilities of sales executives and their different approaches to customers. Namely, these categories are: 

B2B - implies selling products or services to other businesses
B2C - implies selling products or services to consumers (individuals)

Depending on the type of sales and sales territory, the responsibilities of a sales executive may differ. However, as a rule, a standard sales executive job description includes the following duties: 

  • Negotiating on delivery, prices, and costs with sales managers and customers
  • Coordinate the current orders
  • Keeping up with the emerging trends, researching markets, and identifying the potential customers and their needs
  • Monitoring a company’s sales performance and building strategies to meet and exceed business goals
  • Finding new leads and potential customers and ways of converting them into actual buyers
  • Representing a company’s products and services to potential and existing customers
  • Closing deals with new customers
  • Maintaining good customer relations to ensure the retention of existing clients and repeated deals

Sales executive salary in the US 2021

sales executive salary in the US 2020
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