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Precise and Detailed Sales Manager Job Description

It is a known fact that no successful business can’t go without a professional sales manager heading the team. However, the sales manager job description is one of the most controversial of all. Only a few select people can define the position correctly. It’s time to change that and bring this prominent career in sales closer to everyone!

What is a sales manager – a brief introduction

There is a circulating opinion that a b2b outside sales manager is one of the most important people on the team. A good sales manager leads and guides the sales team toward profitable decisions. In the majority of cases, the person who takes the position should be skilled at making and executing sales goals. Evaluating and analyzing all the data that comes to the sales department adds up to the task load of an expert sales manager.

What does a sales manager do?

It is difficult to outline the task range that an average sales manager has to do since it depends upon the company that the person represents. The larger the business, the wider the line of sales manager’s responsibilities.

Primary functions that a trained sales manager is expected to carry out:

  • Control regional and local sales teams with their managers on top.
  • Review the work of the customer service and solve existing customer complaints when necessary.
  • Plan and control the company’s budget and potential expenses.
  • Set goals and targets that the sales personnel have to meet over a predefined amount of time.
  • Analyze user feedback and work on the possible improvement of products and services presented.
  • Entitle each sales representative and team member with personal tasks and functions.
  • Works on an effective sales plan and sales strategies.
  • Promotes the business and participates in the b2b sales lead generation process.
  • Motivates and trains the team until they become the ultimate sales professionals.

The list of sales managers’ responsibilities can vary and grow depending upon the business scale of a particular company.

Primary skills and qualities that a trained sales manager possesses

Before you decide to pursue a career in sales and become a sales manager, you need to be perfectly aware if you are qualified for the position. There are a few key traits and skills that a potential sales manager candidate needs to showcase.

Data analysis

In order to predict if the venture will bring revenue and sales growth, a skilled sales manager needs to analyze all the existing data in detail and come up with targeted solutions for every potential issue. The person responsible for the job is expected to carry out in-depth research to spot potential problems and loopholes that will take the business ahead of the competition.

Strategic thinking

A precise and well-thought sales plan is what drives the sales team forward and turns out to bring profit and popularity to the company. With all the gathered information in mind, the sales manager should be able to come up with an effective solution and practical strategies to achieve the pre-set goals in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

Motivational skills

It is not enough to come up with a great sales strategy. You need to be fit enough to mentor and motivate each sales representative to do their job perfectly. Thus, a personal approach and the ability to positively influence everyone on the team are crucial.

Division of responsibilities

As you work with the team, you should be able to tell who does what in the best way. Thus, effective responsibility delegation will result in profit growth. However, to achieve that, a sales manager should read people correctly, which is a much more difficult task than it seems at first glance.


You need to be able to step in at any stage of the sales process and potentially substitute any link in the sales team in times of need. People on the team should be driven to resemble the leader rather than feel intimidated by one.

Communication skill

It is not enough to have a great strategy in your head - a skilled sales manager knows how to deliver every idea to the team so that everyone gets it. Besides, when any inconsistency is spotted, you must provide the team with potential ways of solving those. In case you notice that someone lacks the knowledge or experience in the area, it’s the sales manager’s task to motivate and guide the person through the given situation.

Final words

It’s possible to make a career in sales if you are willing to study and learn. Each and every member of the Belkins team has gone through it, and that is what makes our sales managers among the best in the industry!

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