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Sales Manager

A sales manager is a management role within the sales department. According to a sales manager job description, this position implies overseeing and coordinating a company’s sales policies, goals, and functions. In a nutshell, a sales manager’s mission is to lead a sales team, set objectives, ensure their alignment and achievement.

Some of the core duties of sales managers are hiring and training sales staff, setting clear sales targets and quotas (both short- and long-term), evaluating the effectiveness of a team’s performance, and making the necessary adjustments in current strategies. All in all, the ultimate goal of every sales manager is to ensure a smooth and effective work of a sales department and drive more sales to a company.

Typically, a sales manager is expected to have strong analytical and leadership skills, excellent customer service skills, creativity, and an eye for detail. In addition, a successful sales manager should have a deep understanding of a customer’s needs and knowledge on how to use this understanding to enhance customer satisfaction and sales potential.

A standard sales manager job description defines the following key responsibilities for this role: 

  • Managing the work of a sales team.
  • Hiring and training new staff members.
  • Creating annual gross-profit and unit plans.
  • Setting short-term and long-term sales quotas and objectives for a sales team.
  • Developing and implementing sales programs, analyzing their effectiveness, and adjusting them to drive more sales.
  • Ensure that sales target and KPI target are met.
  • Suggest and implement new sales strategies, programs, and initiatives.
  • Prepare reports.
  • Ensure a high level of customer service.

Candidates for this position are usually required to have at least a BA degree in business or related spheres. Also, since it is a management position, candidates often need to possess a few years of experience in sales before they can lend this job. The next stage on a career ladder for sales managers is typically a sales director role.

Sales manager salary in the US 2021

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