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Sales Rep Job Description

If you’ve been looking for a clear sales rep job description, we are here to share with you the key takeaways from this job you need to know. In a nutshell, a sales rep is someone who is responsible for identifying the customers’ needs and providing every client with the best solution tailored to their needs. The main goal of a sales rep is to ensure a company is meeting its profitability, top-line revenue growth, and customer acquisition objectives.

Sales reps are expected to be extremely customer-centered and results-driven. Their core mission is to proactively search for promising prospects and convert them into actual buyers. At the same time, sales reps should maintain trusted relationships with existing customers to secure future deals.

A standard sales rep job description for this role includes the following duties: 

  • Showcasing and selling a company’s products or services to existing and potential customers using solid arguments
  • Promoting a company’s products or services
  • Analyzing the needs and cost-benefit of current and prospect clients
  • Establishing, developing, and maintaining trusted and positive relationships with customers
  • Finding new leads through cold calling or emailing
  • Addressing the customers’ complaints, issues, and questions to offer relevant solutions and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Meeting pre-determined sales targets and quotas within the given deadlines
  • Analyzing the market’s potential

Reporting to management about customer needs, interests, issues, competitive activities, and suggesting potential new products or services.

As a rule, the key requirements for this role are excellent communication, negotiation, and selling skills. Also, sales reps are expected to have strong time-management and organizational skills. An ability to identify customers’ needs and create relevant presentations tailored to these needs is also a must.

Sales rep salary in the US

Sales rep salary in the US