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B2B Sales Representative: Detailed B2B Sales Representative Job Description

The sales industry is a complicated and multi-layered field. There is a reason why B2B sales differ from the good old retail and other branches. The scale that the B2B niche covers is much greater and requires a lot more time and effort put in the process to become profitable and successful. Thus, the position of a B2B sales representative is a lot more complex than that of regular sales representatives.

What is a B2B sales representative?

A B2B sales rep is a qualified salesperson who reaches out to an enterprise's representatives and decision-makers to advertise and promote their products and services. The person responsible for the task needs to figure out the main pain points of the potential customer and offer their solutions as the best way of dealing with existing or future issues.

It's essential to emphasize that business development reps, outbound sales representatives, technical sales reps, and sales development reps are just different categories of B2B sales reps responsible for separate tasks joined with the same long-term goal.

What does a B2B sales rep do?

The general B2B sales representative job description sounds like there are many duties that a professional B2B sales rep has to carry out. The assumption is correct, and among the primary responsibilities of the B2B sales rep, the following ones should be pointed out:

  • Local sales management.
  • Existing customers' orders and inquiries management.
  • Sales cycle shortening through direct contact with decision-makers.
  • CRM system updates with gathered critical information.
  • Solution provision, either as an outside sales representative or an inside sales representative.
  • Customer consultation.

The list of responsibilities may be extended or shortened depending upon the type of company in question and the number of people involved in the process.

How important is the role of a business-to-business sales representative?

One of the crucial parts of the sales process is detecting prospects and transforming those into qualified leads and paying customers. So, the role of the B2B sales rep is directly connected to the business reputation and revenue growth. Thus, it is vital.

Main traits of a competent B2B sales rep

Just like in the case of business development reps, profit-oriented B2B sales teams require a competent representative. There are a few main qualities and traits that a successful representative should possess.

Emotional intelligence

The notion of EQ is highly underrated in the sales industry, but the advantages that a B2B sales rep equipped with the trait offers are numerous. The more empathizing and willing to interact with the potential customer the rep is, the higher are the chances that the client will convert. It is not enough to present the services offered in the most complimenting light. It's essential to be able to rationally determine whether it's fit to solve the user's problem.

Active listening

This quality is directly connected with the EQ skill. An expert in sales knows when to speak and when to listen. Being too pushy and constantly interrupting the client is the road to rejection. Besides, it's more than listening for the words. It is tasting the emotions and wishes that can point you toward the proper solution.

Time management

A dedicated B2B sales rep realizes that interacting with each lead should be managed in the best possible manner. The ability to prioritize the tasks and potential leads is what makes the rep profit-generating and successful.


The number of negative responses may decrease the desire to pursue a lead. However, persistence and determination are the features that tell a professional representative from an unprofessional one.

Search for new possibilities

When there are no leads to sell to, the company may as well need to go out of business. However, a skilled B2B sales representative keeps on the search for fresh possibilities and new opportunities so that the flow of prospects never ceases.

Constant research

The more educated you are in the sphere and business niche, the more confidence you project to potential customers. A knowledgeable and confident sales rep has more chances to convert the lead and improve the company’s income.


The bigger the salespeople network, the more opportunities are there to find. A skilled rep knows how to use the network to their advantage.

Communication skills

Since the position involves a lot of human interaction, and not only in the customer section, the more apt you are at communication with different types of people, the better and more successful the offer presentations will be.


At times, a prospect may stop cooperating and start to shield and back away on the deal. It takes skill and experience to negotiate with potential customers and convince them to carry on with the deal. A trained B2B sales representative knows how to evade all the obstacles until they seal the deal.

Deal closing

It may seem that there is barely anything simpler than closing the deal. However, if you start a little too early or too late, you may lose it. A dedicated B2B sales professional treats every deal as a challenge and approaches it with precision and caution instead of being overly confident and nonchalant.

Final words

A B2B sales representative is an exciting and challenging profession to pursue. If you are interested in the position, the detailed guides of Belkins experts will point you in the right direction.

Sales representative salary in the US 2022

Sales representative salary in the US 2022