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Sales Support

Typically, a sales support job description defines this position as an administrative role in a sales team the main goal of which is to handle a variety of daily tasks to help a sales team to gain and retain customers. In a nutshell, sales support is there to let sales reps focus specifically on selling a company’s products and closing deals, by ridding them of the need to get distracted by smaller day-to-day tasks.

Sales support is not directly responsible for closing deals. Yet, it is a crucial role in a sales team that helps companies ensure smooth sales operations.

As for the duties of sales support, they vary from one company to another. However, typically, each sales support job description puts forward these responsibilities: 

  • Managing schedules.
  • Researching, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Generating new leads.
  • Educating leads about a company’s products or services.
  • Processing, managing, and qualifying leads.
  • Leading proactive market communications.
  • Providing customer services.
  • Monitoring existing customer accounts.

All in all, sales support can perform pretty much any task in a sales team, except closing deals. The key idea is to take some of the load off the sales rep and help them focus on tasks that matter by delegating basic daily functions to sales support.

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