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Every sales team spans a huge range of titles and positions, each of which contributes to the company's success and helps it attain its sales goals. And while there are many roles that are responsible directly for selling the company's products to potential clients, there are also supporting positions that ensure smooth operations of the entire team.

One of such positions is called sales support and it is pivotal for every business. But, what exactly do people in this role deal with? Belkins has the answer!

In this article, we’ve compiled a detailed sales support job description to help you understand this role better. After reading, you will learn:

  • Sales support definition;
  • Sales support specialist duties and responsibilities;
  • Core qualifications and skills required for this role.

Apart from this, you will also find answers to some of the most common questions about this position. Let’s dive in!

What Is Sales Support?

Whether you are planning to build a career as a sales support specialist yourself or are looking for one to join your team, understanding the definition of this sales position is crucial for success. So, let’s start with the basics.

In a nutshell, the role of sales support means just that - supporting a sales team in its day-to-day operations. A sales support specialist is there to help your sales representatives achieve their key goal - close more deals.

This role typically spans a wide range of tasks and functions. The primary mission of a person in this role is to process the sales team with a customer-centered attitude and assist reps in acquiring and keeping customers by undertaking various clerical and administrative tasks.

In particular, this can involve the following responsibilities:

  1. Identifying new customers and prospects;
  2. Ensuring customer satisfaction;
  3. Handling customer complaints;
  4. Scheduling appointments and meetings;
  5. Providing product or lead generation training for reps;
  6. Maintaining databases;
  7. Ensuring that customer orders are processed efficiently, etc.

This is just a small part of the tasks that can lay on the shoulders of people within the sales support team. Now, let’s move on and study a detailed sales support specialist job description to learn more about this role’s duties.

Sales Support Job Description and Duties

As you already know, this role is rather all-encompassing and can span a wide range of clerical, administrative, and other supporting functions. Therefore, the duties of a B2C or B2B sales support expert can vary significantly depending on the type of business, niche, size of the company, and any other factors.

Nevertheless, there are multiple core tasks typically inherent in every support specialist job description. These include:

  1. Creating and maintaining lists and databases of sales leads, providing data and guides related to sales leads to the sales team, and delegating leads to the sales department.
  2. Dealing with complaints and answering customer inquiries.
  3. Overseeing the ordering process, ensuring that all orders are handled in a timely manner, processing urgent orders, informing customers about their order statuses, and handling other order requests or issues to ensure customer satisfaction.
  4. Managing customer accounts, staying in touch with customers for administrative purposes, and providing all the necessary support for customer orders, accounts, and other issues.
  5. Helping sales and staff members develop, monitor, and interpret sales metrics, managing sales tracking tools, and reporting.
  6. Keeping an eye on current sales trends and helping the company’s account managers and other members of management teams to develop sales strategies that work.
  7. Creating, organizing, and managing an effective filing system and handling data entry tasks for the key metrics, figures, and other vital data.
  8. Scheduling appointments, meetings, conferences, and other events for customers and the sales team.
  9. Performing various administrative and clerical duties for the sales department and the company in general.
  10. Tracking any unusual activities and reporting about them to supervisors.

So, these are the primary duties that might be listed in a sales support job description. Now, let’s move on and study the core qualifications and skills that every sales support specialist must possess.

Sales Support Specialist Qualifications and Skills

Landing any kind of job requires having certain skills and qualifications. The demands for a job are dictated by each particular company, its size, and needs. However, there are some general demands that every sales support specialist must meet.

In the list below, you will find a brief description of the top ?? must-have sales support specialist skills:

  1. Strong verbal and written communication skills. In their work, sales support experts have to communicate a lot with leads, existing customers, and staff and leaders from the sales department. Therefore, strong communication is often among the first requirements that pop up in a sales support job description. People in this role must be able to communicate concepts and ideas effectively, whether to other members of the sales team or customers.
  2. Excellent customer service skills. When handling customer inquiries, requests, and complaints, a sales support specialist must ensure the best customer experience. Therefore, knowing the basics of customer relationships and possessing strong customer service skills is crucial for performing this job well.
  3. Thorough understanding of the sales process, principles, and best practices. A sales support specialist can be tasked to keep up with growing sales trends, participate in the development of strong sales and marketing strategies, manage customer accounts, track sales metrics, etc. To perform all these tasks at the top of one’s abilities, it is crucial that a person in this role has in-depth knowledge of the structure of a sales department and all key functions and principles applicable to it.
  4. Solid time management and organizational skills. As you already know, people in this role have to deal with a wide range of clerical, administrative, and other tasks. What’s more, they often have to deal with these tasks simultaneously and ensure that everything is getting done in a timely manner. To handle this, every sales support specialist must demonstrate excellent time management and organizational skills.
  5. Strong problem-solving abilities. When it comes to addressing customer requests and complaints, every sales specialist must demonstrate an excellent problem-solving ability to handle them effectively. Often, this also requires a fair amount of creativity and solid critical thinking to find efficient solutions quickly and ensure customer satisfaction.
  6. Computer literacy. Whether compiling lists of sales leads, managing meetings, or taking care of customer orders, sales support experts have to use lots of different tools and technologies to perform their day-to-day duties. Therefore, candidates for such roles must have a high level of computer literacy. Some of the most basic requirements can include experience in working with CRM and ERP systems, proficiency with MS Office Suite, as well as strong typing and data entry skills.
  7. Teamwork. The last one of the core sales support specialist skills is teamwork. People in this role have to collaborate effectively with the entire sales department to ensure that the company’s sales goals are being achieved in the fastest and most efficient ways. Thus, it is vital for them to be real team players.

These are some of the core skills required for this job. In addition to them, every good specialist should also possess strong interpersonal skills and a range of other abilities required by each particular company. But, even that’s not all. Since sales is a very dynamic field, all experts working in it (including sales support) must have a tendency to lifelong learning. A good specialist should never stop acquiring new knowledge and improving skills to achieve even better outcomes in the workplace.

Now, what about the educational requirements? The level of education required for a sales support specialist role can vary from one company to another and depend on the role’s level as well. To be more specific, there are many companies and positions in this sector that only require a high school diploma or equivalent. However, most often, employers will give preference to specialists who hold at least an associate’s or bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or other related fields. So, having a degree would give job seekers a significant competitive advantage.

Another additional requirement that might be there is relevant work experience. Often, meeting this requirement is even more important than holding a degree. This doesn’t necessarily mean that job seekers have to possess years of experience in the sales support specialist position. However, having some experience in administrative roles or other high-volume office positions can be advantageous.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does a Sales Support Specialist Do?

A sales support specialist is a professional who supports the seamless operation of the sales team and ensures that all sales goals are achieved. The primary mission of a person in this role is to support the team at all stages of the sales process by performing various clerical and administrative functions.

The key duties of these professionals can include scheduling meetings, tracking sales trends, monitoring the key metrics, assisting with the creation of new sales strategies, handling complaints and inquiries of existing and prospective customers, etc. Sometimes, these specialists can also assist their teams with generating leads, cold calling, managing databases, and even providing training for reps. 

  • Who Do Sales Support Experts Report to?

As a rule, a sales support specialist reports to the head of the department. However, the specific title they will report to can vary from one company to another. For example, in some companies, it could be the Sales Director or Manager. Regardless of the title, the head of the department is the number one person in the company with whom support specialists will work.

A support specialist will typically arrange regular meetings with the head of the department to report on the team’s performance, key trends, and quotas, and share other relevant data. And the head of the department, in return, will set tasks for the support specialist to perform.

  • What Is the Typical Job Setting for This Role?

As a rule, sales support professionals work in an office environment. In some companies, people in this role may sit somewhere at the entrance of the department and, thus, perform additional tasks such as greeting employees and visitors, taking calls, answering visitors’ questions, and guiding visitors to the right offices or meeting areas.

Apart from this, specialists who take such positions also often attend various meetings and events with the head of the department. During such meetings, they might be setting up the meeting area, taking notes, and assisting their supervisors with their presentations.

Lastly, the sales support job may also imply some traveling. Some Sales Directors and Managers prefer to take support experts with them to travel to other companies or offices and provide administrative assistance.

  • What Makes a Good Sales Support Specialist?

People who take such positions play a big role in the company. Therefore, they are expected to demonstrate a broad range of skills and qualifications to succeed in their roles.

First and foremost, people in this role must have outstanding communication skills, both verbal and written. They also have to know how to work in a team. Other core requirements can include strong organizational, interpersonal, time management, problem-solving, and customer service skills. In addition, they must be very proficient in using various technologies and tools, including MS Office, CRM systems, etc.

  • What Is Sales Support Specialist Salary?

The salary of a sales support specialist depends on a variety of factors. Some of the most influential factors include one’s education and experience. At the same time, some company-specific factors such as the industry, size, and others, can also affect the earnings of people who take such positions.

If you look at the industry stats, you can learn that the salary of a sales support specialist in the US can range from $68,790 to $103,184. The base salary for this job is around $60,000. The median salary, according to Comparably, is $85,987, which is how much 67% of people make in this role. And then, there are also top-earners who can make $100,000 and more in this role. So, here you have a basic overview of the salaries for such jobs.