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VP of Sales

A standard VP of sales job description explains this position as one of the top managerial roles in a team. Indeed, a VP of sales plays one of the most critical roles in a business’s success as this is a person responsible for the two most vital assets of a company: its customers, and the profit they drive to a company.

In a nutshell, a VP of sales is someone who leads and directs a sales team to ensure its success. Besides, it is the job of a VP of sales to shape a company’s sales team. Apart from hiring new talents, a person in this role is expected to consistently help every member of the sales staff develop and succeed, optimize the internal sales processes, build and implement a sales strategy. And, although selling a company’s products or services is not a primary duty of a VP of sales, occasionally, these specialists may be also required to close deals themselves.

The key objectives assigned to these specialists is to develop an effective sales strategy and then ensure that the team meets and exceeds these sales targets. Some other goals of this job may include the overall growth of sales volumes, boost of revenues, new market penetration, etc.

Basically, according to a standard VP of sales job description, this role includes the following primary duties: 

Seeking out and hiring new sales talents

  • Training new employees.
  • Defining development plans for employees and ensure their professional growth.
  • Providing support and advice to sales specialists to help them close their current deals and ensure customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Finding effective ways to optimize the sales process to achieve higher productivity and better outcomes.
  • Defining and executing sales strategies.
  • Defining and managing the budget for a sales department.
  • Closing deals — this typically applies only to key relationships and customers of the highest value.

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