S2E1: Appointment Setting via Email. Best Practices.

S2E1: Appointment Setting via Email. Best Practices.


Welcome to season #2 of the Belkins Growth Podcast! Great to have you back with us. 

Michael opens up the Appointment Setting series with the conversation with Scott Mark, Sales Director at XANT.ai, the leading enterprise sales engagement platform that accelerates revenue. Michael and Scott speak about appointment setting best practices, dos, and don’ts of the sales process for successful B2B selling and closing.

For this season you can watch our podcast on YouTube, as we had presented you with the video version, or listen to the audio on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Simplecast, and Stitcher.

Stay tuned for more great episodes for the 2nd season, as we have gathered experts in sales and sales development revealing all aspects of the appointment setting process in great detail.

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