S2E8: What's it like to service 400 million users every day?

S2E8: What's it like to service 400 million users every day?


Welcome to the Belkins Growth Podcast, season 2 episode 8!

Today, Michael’s guest is John D'Ambra, Vice President Strategic Partnerships at tawk.to. John is one of Australia's most awarded and respected direct sales experts and rapid customer acquisition specialists. He has directly trained, developed and managed high-performing sales teams for clients including Citibank, American Express, GE, Standard Charter Bank, and others.

In this episode, John talks about his experience building tawk.to and servicing over 400 million users every single day. He and Michael discuss tawk’s approach to acquiring leads, servicing clients, building tech, and hiring people.

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Stay tuned for more great episodes for season #2, as we have gathered experts in sales and sales development revealing all aspects of the appointment setting process in great detail.

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