Episode #5. Client Engagement with Daniel O'Malley


Guest of the day: 

Daniel O'Malley, the Client Engagement Manager for Auric Solar.

Daniel worked with Auric Energy for over 4 years in a variety of roles, from direct door to door sales, to roof analysis and preliminary solar array layout, up to training and managing a team of lead coordinators. 

Now Daniel is creating сontent about the solar industry and educating about energy savings is his primary focus. He keeps messaging consistent across internal and external communications. Social media, blogging, video, and visual content to spread the word about solar and capture hearts & minds!



Auric Solar is the number one reviewed solar provider in the United States.


What will you learn?

  • The incredible growth of Auric Solar
  • How it was supported by new sales and marketing
  • Selling in energy space, what are the challenges?
  • What marketing channels does Auric Solar utilize and where you are looking at?